Thursday 20 July 2017

Philadelphia Flip & Dip review - are you a #doubledipper or #singledipper ?

 Philadelphia have launched a new product that is perfect for summertime picnics, straight-from-the fridge-because-it's-too-hot-to-cook sharing platters and alfresco dining. Flip & Dip is made with lightly whipped Philadelphia cream cheese, topped with a choice of three mouth-watering sauces, including sweet chili, Mexican salsa and caramelised onion.

 Inside the cardboard sleeve, there is a plastic pot with a foil lid to peel off. My immediate thought was that there was no way to seal the pot to keep the leftovers in once we'd finished. It turned out that this wasn't a problem at all though, as the whole lot got polished off in one sitting every time I opened one !

After flipping the pot over on to a plate, it slides out effortlessly to create a perfect dome of cheese, covered in sweet, sticky sauce that oozes down the sides.We tried it with carrot sticks, crackers and tortilla chips and it goes beautifully with all three. As it comes straight out of the fridge, it is really refreshing on a hot day.

What made me laugh the most was that the kids were in such a rush to get dipping that they totally missed the whole bit about flipping and just dug straight in with their carrot sticks and tortillas. As long as you dip right down to the bottom to get to the sauce, it makes no difference though, so this is a great tip if you're at a picnic and don't have a plate handy to turn it out onto.

Now we come to the thorny issue of dipping etiquette - do you double dip ? Do you think it's totally gross to reuse a carrot stick for extra dip once you've bitten the end off, or does a bit of spit-swapping with your other half seem totally normal to you ?! 

 For me, it depends - I'd never double dip in public, but if we're at home, why not, since everybody else does ! It also depends on my choice of dipper - I am not averse to double dipping long things like carrot, celery or bread sticks, but double-dipping crisps and crackers is a big no-no because they're too small and you're bound to end up with fingers in there too !

What about you? Do you flip and dip AND double dip? Or are you like the Madhouse kids and dip without even flipping ?! 

I had to chuckle when I was taking the photos for this review. I often get companies telling me that they like the fact that I use natural photos without filters and effects in my reviews, because it really shows the products as they are, rather than the airbrushed copies you get in the publicity shots. Here's a sneaky behind-the-scenes look at why I have to go for instant snaps - if I don't get in quick, it's gone before I've even got the pictures ! And this is coming from a trio of kids whose reaction was "that doesn't sound very nice" when I read them the blurb - they soon changed their minds though !

Philadelphia Flip & Dip is now available in Tesco & ASDA with an RRP of £1.49

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. Double dipper, my friend makes Philadelphia dips yes before Philadelphia thought to make them and they taste lovely I can't wait to try these xxx

  2. ye double dipper here! I confess

  3. Double Dipper here! Can you triple dip? I would!

    1. Ooh I don't know but it's got to be worth a try !


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