Friday 7 July 2017

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 7/7

Wahoo we made it to the holidays ! Well, I finished at lunchtime, Pierre finishes at 4.30 and the girls have already been on holiday for a few days (Juliette) or weeks (Sophie). School is out until the 1st September and I am looking forward to no more running around and no more getting up at 6.15am - apologies to Madhouse Daddy, who still has two weeks of work to get through ! Time to plan some more extravagant, leisurely cooking and get back to clearing out my bookmarked recipes. I also have my new Guadeloupe-themed Kitchen Trotter box to play with and I'll be doing the traditional #KitchenClearout too. In other words, it will be a right mish-mash of global cuisine, just the way I love it !


lunch - it's my morning off and the kids' once a week junk food fix ! Will it be Burger King, KFC or McDonalds though ?

dinner - gazpacho, soup or salad, depending on how hot and/or hungry everyone is


lunch - probably BBQ, if not, it'll be roast dinner.

dinner - leftovers from lunch or fridge grazing


lunch - pasta with leftover meat, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and pesto

dinner -chicken & leek stroganoff with rice (and maybe naan bread, if I can be bothered - it's a #readcookeat recipe so it depends how authentic I want to be !)


lunch - Guadeloupe cod bites with Spanish patatas bravas (fusion food, here we come !)

dinner - chicken curry with rice (I have several jars and sachets to choose from - probably a family friendly korma or tikka masala)


lunch - king prawns with a creole marinade, with rice & tomato salsa

dinner - Sardinian lentil & sausage stew


lunch - chicken or veal involtini with spaghetti

dinner - huevos rancheros, Mexican ranch-style eggs (to use up a rancheros seasoning sachet)


lunch - cheese knishes with mash & veg or salad

dinner -beef with mustard and lemongrass, with rice and veggies

Baking projects :

mango & coconut choux buns
baked apples stuffed with cherry jam
currant buns / rock cakes
currant pie
red berry bibble

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  1. We still have 2 weeks left of school...Hmmf. hehehe
    You always have such interesting and tasty sounding meals. I love the sound of the chicken & leek stroganoff x

  2. Wow that is an early break up for the holidays! The chicken and leek stroganoff sounds really lovely, I will have to find a recipe x

  3. Loving the sound of the beef with mustard and lemongrass. We have 2 weeks and a day to go until the holidays! Hope you have a great summer x


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