Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Getting Creative for Customisation Month with Gel-a-Peel #GAPCustomisation

For the merry month of May, Gel-A-Peel have decided to inspire the nation to get their creative juices flowing, sharing ideas for crafty fun with the #GAPCustomisation hashtag. You just have to type Gel-A-Peel in the search bar on my sidebar to find all our Gel-A-Peel posts and see how much of a fan Juliette is, so she was over the moon to receive two packs of Gel-A-Peel and a tote bag and tumbler to customise. 

In the parcel, she discovered Colour Change Peach-2-Maroon and Pearly Plum Gel-A-Peel but she also got out some of her other tubes from her collection, including Neon, Pastel and Fuzzy (which comes with a furry powder to add to the top of the Gel-A-Peel before it sets).

So where to begin? Gel-A-Peel can be used on a multitude of materials, including wood, fabric, paper, plastic and glass, but it can also be used to make little 3d embellishments to further enhance your customisation.

They do take a while to set though - it's best to leave them overnight for best results - so Juliette started off with filling up the little moulds with the colours of her choice.

Next, she moved on to the tumbler and, with a remarkably steady hand, started decorating the top with horizontal stripes in various colours.

Halfway down, she switched to vertical stripes, using the two tubes from the latest packages. We're always impressed with how vibrant the colours are and, the great thing is, if you happen to mess a bit up, you just need to wait for it to dry, then you can peel it off and start again.

After the tumbler, she started on the bag and drew a heart with an arrow through it freestyle, although there are also templates that you can use in the box. She played around with the various nozzles to create different sized and textured dots, and also stuck on some of the little teddy bears (that look like Gummy Bear sweets !) from the moulds.

As a finishing touch, she sprinkled on a little bit of the flocking powder from the Fuzzy kit to give it a nice texture. She was most impressed with her efforts - she loves the colours and, above all, the fact that she knows nobody else will ever have designs the same as hers. She's now wandering around the house wondering what else she can personalise - she's earmarked some plain white plimsolls, some flip-flops and some notebooks at the moment !

We had great fun taking part in the #GAPCustomisation challenge and it's lovely to have useful as well as decorative items once the kids have finished being crafty.

 Disclosure : We received the products in order to take part in the challenge.

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  1. My daughter had this. Lots of fun


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