Friday, 4 May 2018

Num Noms Glitter Lipgloss Truck review

As you'll know if you're a regular follower of my blog, Juliette is a big Num Noms fan. She loves the cute collectibles with their scrummy scents, she loves the light-up and motorised Num Noms and, best of all, she loves the nail polishes and lip glosse that are hiding inside some of them. She was therefore very pleased when we received the Num Noms Glitter Lipgloss Truck to review, especially when she realised that you actually get to make your own glitter lipglosses.

As the back of the box shows, it is a multi-purpose product - it can be used as a playset (the wheels are fully functional so you can roll it around - you will have to hum your own ice cream van jingle though, I'm afraid !), a storage or display case to show off your favourite Num Noms (officially there is enough space for two Num Noms, in the driver and passenger seats, but you can stick a few extra on top of the truck and even squash a few more in with the driver !). The biggest draw however is that it also has an element of crafty play, making your very own scented and flavoured lip glosses.

Like all good playsets, it contains quite a few little accessories and, this being Num Noms, they are all foodie-themed. Along with the ice cream truck itself, you get all the tools, ingredients and storage pots needed for the lip gloss, as well as an exclusive Cherry Scoop Num.

Making the lip gloss is very simple because you don't start from scratch. You are provided with a lip gloss base that you mix with your choice of extra ingredients to create your very own lip gloss. There is enough base to make eight lip glosses and you have three containers so you will get to play with the set at least three times before having to stock up on refills.

The added ingredients are wild cherry and vanilla scents/flavourings, both in cute little ice cream sauce squeezy bottles, and optional glitter, in a miniature shaker.

After adding your ingredients to the base and mixing it up, the fun part begins. Scoop it into the ice cream machine in the truck and serve your lip gloss just like a Mr Whippy ice cream. It looks really effective - although it is a bit of a pain, not to mention quite messy, when you want to clean it up when your child has finished playing.

One scoop or two?! Top with your choice of lid and you can add a Num on top if you like for extra cuteness. (This is the exclusive Cherry Scoop Num that comes in the box.)

There is enough space to store three lip glosses in the truck - Juliette made one cherry, one vanilla and one cherry-vanilla with added glitter sprinkles. It's a lovely addition to the range and making something that you can actually use afterwards makes it even more fun than something that just looks pretty on a shelf.

RRP : £29.99

for more information :

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


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