Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Nail-a-Peel 3D Nail Technology review

If you're a regular follower of my blog, you'll know that Juliette is a huge fan of Gel-a-Peel, a silicon gel that can be squeezed out like glitter glue on to all manner of materials - wood, glass, fabric, cardboard, plastic, ... - to customise them. We've made Christmas decorations, bracelets, personalised notebooks, T-shirts, even a unicorn jewellery box ! There was, however, one item I had never thought of customising with Gel-a-Peel - fingernails ! But that was about to change.

We received a Nail-a-Peel Sugar Rush Kit to review, along with a Crystal Kit add-on pack. The main pack contained two nail wheels, three pastel nail varnishes and a "nail confetti" clear gel with little hearts, two applicator brushes, tweezers, three nozzles, some pearl embellishments, little glue stickers for sticking on the nails, a mould for tiny 3d embellishments and a squeegee tool. 

The moulds are great for making 3D embellishments that can be used for sticking on all sorts of things, not just nails, but they do take a while to set so it's best to start with those, or prepare them the day before (especially for the bigger moulds in the regular Gel-a-Peel kits).

The squeegee tool helps perfectly fill the moulds and also get a flat finish, making it easier to stick them on the nails. It also saves wasting the Gel-a-Peel/Nail-a-Peel product.

The Crystal Kit has textured nails that you can highlight with the polish to create more elaborate designs - there is an enclosed inspiration sheet but the designs look quite ambitious and fiddly.

Time to get the creative juices flowing ! Juliette started off applying a coat of pink nail polish to one of the nails, then used the tweezers to dot little hearts all over it from the other bottle.

She continued with pastel blue polish and little pearls, all using the applicator brushes. I decided to have a go freehand with the nozzles and tried to create a hashtag design (on the far left) but the line came out much too think and gloopy so I obviously need more practice !

The nails are great fun to customise and are simple to stick on with the little double-sided glue dots. There are plenty of nails on the wheels but you can also peel off the Gel-a-Peel and start all over again if you want, once you've used them all.

For tips & tricks, cool how-to videos and much more, visit https://nail-a-peel.mgae.com.
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Instagram: @Gel_A_Peel_UK

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Now that looks great fun, I can imagine you can do all sorts of designs


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