Monday 8 May 2017

A special unicorn jewellery box for Juliette with Gel-a-Peel

Gel-a-Peel recently sent us through a kit to take part in another fun and creative challenge : customising a blank wooden jewellery box with a pack of Pearly Pastel Gel-a-Peel.

If you're unfamiliar with Gel-a-Peel, it is a silicon gel that comes in a variety of colours (sparkly, pearly, pastel, neon, glow-in-the-dark, ...) and sets hard so that you can peel it off a plastic sheet or press it out of a mould to use it as an embellishment or, alternatively, write or draw straight on all manner of materials (wood, plastic, glass, paper, cardboard, fabric, ...) like a thicker, brighter and more permanent glitter glue pen.

As Madhouse Nanny is very artistic, I called on her creative talents this time and asked if she could come up with a unicorn design. She started off drawing it on the box with pencil as a guide.

Next, she used the Gel-Peel pens to fill in the unicorn design in beautiful pearly pastel colours, as well as using the moulds to create some 3D embellishments, including flowers, butterflies and hearts.

I'm sure you'll agree, she did a fabulous job and Juliette thinks it looks brilliant.

The perfect julie-ry box for unicorn-mad Juliette ! This has given me a great idea for creating some special personalised gifts for later in the year - is it too early to start planning ahead for Christmas presents already ?!

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Disclosure : We received a pack of Gel-a-Peel and a blank jewellery box in order to take part in the challenge.


  1. Very pretty! I think I would have loved it, when I was Juliette's age. Lovely creative project.

  2. this is so cute, unicorns are everywhere at the moment


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