Friday 26 May 2017

Love At First Sip - AQUA Carpatica review

The other day, I was standing outside of my workplace in the morning, waiting for the automatic gates to open, when my eye landed on the flower bed next to me. There was a very non-descript bush with dark green foliage that barely deserved a second look, but what caught my eye was that inside each cupped leaf, there was a perfectly round, unadulterated droplet of dew, reflecting the clouds above and looking like diamonds against the velvety surface of the leaves. I was mesmerised by their absolute perfection as they sat in their final resting place or slowly rolled and dripped across the vibrant green backdrop. It bought out my inner poet as I reflected on finding beauty in the simplest of things and how the morning dew is Mother Nature's life-giving elixir of youth, which allows the plants to look so lush and healthy. When I saw the beautiful droplet created by water brand AQUA Carpatica, it brought it all back to me. It's a fabulous representation of all that water is, or at least, should be - natural, pure, untouched by human hand, beautiful, inspiring, simple, ... - all that for a drop of water, which just goes to show how good a job the marketing team have done !

This sense of purity and back-to-basics is further reinforced by the strikingly simple bottles, which show the crystalline water inside. The square ones look more like they contain expensive liquids like perfume or alcohol than water, giving the brand a real sense of luxury and prestige.

But what about the most important thing - the water inside? AQUA Carpatica don't beat about the bush - they call themselves nature’s most perfect mineral water. The first of its kind in the UK, the water is naturally nitrate-free and has the lowest sodium level of any bottled natural mineral water on Earth. I knew that nitrates were often present in tap water, particularly in rural areas, but I didn't realise that they are also a problem in bottled water. AQUA Carpatica explain : "Nitrates are fertilisers and can be traced in almost every bottled water on the market. Found in nature and used in agriculture, they are colourless, odourless and tasteless but are pollutants, and in large quantities can be damaging. Nitrate-free water is particularly important for pregnant women as infants can become seriously ill if exposed to Nitrates. It has also been proven that birth defects are more likely to occur if expectant mothers are exposed to high levels of Nitrates."

Supporting overall health and well-being, AQUA Carpatica present themselves as the ideal water choice for the most demanding health conscious people, pregnant women, organic food lovers and those with active lifestyles. Available in both still and naturally sparkling varieties, it's a little taste of nature in a bottle that is perfect for keeping yourself hydrated throughout the summer and beyond. It is completely unremarkable in taste, which is exactly how it should be !

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Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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