Sunday 14 May 2017

New Year Resolutions Review week #19: Come what May !

That is the month of May, not Theresa May ! I can't believe we're half way through the month already - in two shake's of a cat's tail, it will be the summer holidays and I'm definitely ready ! Sophie breaks up first, on the 8th June. For the rest of us it's the 7th July, but Juliette has already brought home a calendar for the final weeks with all the days the school is closed as an exam or marking centre. It's all over bar the shouting - we just need the sun to become a permanent fixture now.

1. Get Fit(bitting) !
Oops- writing this post prompted me to go and synchronise my FitBit and it's the first time since the 8th May ! I have been keeping a check on my daily steps total on my wrist though and I know I was on target most days. I've just checked and I hit 10,000 steps every day except Wednesday (9607) and Saturday (4999) which is invariably lower because Madhouse Daddy is around so we take the car rather than walking. Last weekend was an exception - 13844 on Sunday and 15493 on Saturday because we went out with the dogs and geocaching.

2. Get cooking bookmarked recipes ! 
I got through a few this week, including some of the recipes from my Mexican Kitchen Trotter box - Peanut & Raisin Cookies, Sopa de Lima, Chalupas de Salsa Verde and Cazuela de Camarones, a spicy prawn dish.

3. Get geocaching !
I totally failed to get out geocaching this week - I wanted to but it started raining every time I starting asking the kids if they wanted to come out with me - not fair !

4. Get comping !
Still nothing for May yet. Come on comping fairy - I'm over here !

2017 wins :
January : 4 wins - £20 shopping voucher, Mr Lee's noodles, Ambrosia trifle glasses, set of 5 books
 February : 1 win - tea & personalised mug (prize for Galina)
March - 1 win - a Bear Grylls adventure book
 April - 4 wins - a colouring bundle, And Then We Ran book, Aram book, 6 months supply of Hairburst vitamins
May -

5. Get reading !
 I've finished reading The Lies Within by Jane Isaac but haven't had a chance to write my review yet. I fancied some more gritty crime fiction so I've now started The Overlook by Michael Connelly which has been on my shelf for ages.

6. Get FLYing !
I've managed to get Pierre into a nice little cleaning routine for his bedroom and the playroom and he even went hunting for dust bunnies under my bed with the hoover ! OK, I might have bribed encouraged him with some extra pocket money because he wanted to buy a finger spinner !

8. Get bloggy housekeeping !
Klout is bouncing up and down like a bungee jump so I'm giving up with trying to influence that one as it seems to have a mind of its own. Blog stats are back where I want them - about 1000 unique visits per day. I'm now turning my efforts to taming my emails and draft blogposts. My drafts folder was at 576 and I said I'd aim for 565 this week. I cleared some of my half-finished recipe posts and a couple of review posts that were set up with the photos, but above all went back through the oldest draft posts, deleting any (many !) that weren't relevant any more - things that never got written up or recipes that I bookmarked for ingredients that got used up in other ways. I'm now down to 483 so I'll aim for 400 for next week. I'm being ruthless ! My email inbox is at 226 and I generally like to keep it below 200 so that's my next job.

9. Get French !
I finally got a letter to say that my application is complete and has been passed on to the next person in the line. Now I have to wait to be summoned to Lille with Madhouse Daddy to sign a déclaration sur honneur to say that we're still married and still living together. I might possibly have to prove that I speak French to the required level and am "of good morals" (!!) at the same time but that shouldn't be too hard !

What about you? Did you set yourself any targets, challenges or new year's resolutions this year? How are they going?


  1. How does even prove that they are of good morals? Nobody would confess that they are of loose morals. :) But well done on getting to the next step. It's been taking ages. I haven't won anything for a long time either, I think the comping fairy got lost somewhere on the way. Fingers crossed for us both.

    1. There is a booklet called the "livret du citoyen" which lays out what French values are - liberté, égalité, fraternité and other stuff to do with respecting freedom of speech, democracy, etc - it's more to do with that I think !


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