Sunday 21 May 2017

A paws up for Purina Bakers from Vicky & Didou (review)

For the past couple of weeks, Vicky and Didou, the Madhouse pooches, have been testing Purina Bakers and it's fair to say, they approve ! 

Having signed up to be a tester on The Insiders campaign (which I told you about on my Fab Freebies of the Week roundup, so make sure you head over to have a look to make sure you don't miss out on future campaigns !), we were excited to receive confirmation that we'd been selected and even more so when the postie dropped off this amazing package, containing wet food, dry food and, for good measure, a bag of doggie treats. Cue lots of waggy tails and sniffing of the box !

We started off trialling the dry food, as it is what the Madhouse mutts are most used to eating. As soon as I opened the bag, both dogs took great interest, sniffing, wagging their tails and licking their lips.

We were trialling the Small Dog variety,  labelled as "Little Bites for Little Mouths", made with chicken and country vegetables. The range has recently been overhauled so it now contains no added  artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives

As well as being made up of smaller sized morsels, the Small Dog variety is nutritionally designed especially for smaller breeds. On the Purina website, they explain : "Smaller dogs have little tummies to fill, but they’ve also got different nutritional needs when compared with their larger cousins. In fact, small dogs have super-fast metabolisms and often burn twice the amount of calories than larger dogs. That’s why it’s important that your dog has the right diet to fuel his metabolism and help keep him bursting with energy."

I was impressed with the packaging that is easy to open, with a fuss-free rip off piece that makes a handy pouring spout and, even better, can be resealed - perfect for keeping out inquisitive or greedy doggy noses !

Speaking of which, Didou was starting to whine because he wanted to get straight on with the taste testing !

I've always read that you shouldn't just switch the type of food that your dog eats - you should mix progressively increasing proportions of the new food in with their old food to avoid upset tummies. The Madhouse dogs made me laugh though because they carefully sorted through, flinging out the old food all over the floor and gobbling up all of the Purina Bakers food !

I think Vicky's face says it all - it was so tasty, she had to lick her lips to catch any last morsels !

After gobbling up the whole bowlful (which they don't usually do with their regular food), they came back looking at me excitedly for more food ! I decided to compromise and give them a few of the Allsorts treats, rather than another dinner. I love the way the treats look a bit like human licorice allsorts but with a doggy makeover !

Before I'd even opened the bag, both dogs were excitedly sniffing it !

Again, they both absolutely loved them ! Having seen what's in them, I can understand why - they are flavoured with chicken, lamb, and beef and each shape contains essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6, which help support healthy skin and a glossy coat. They also have added antioxidants and vitamins to help support good health, and protein. 

We've yet to try the wet food but one thing I have already noticed is that the resealable tubs will be perfect for recycling as geocaching containers when they're empty and washed out ! The dogs are already total converts to the brand and I love seeing them looking bright eyes and waggy tailed every time I fill their bowls !

Disclosure : We received the products as part of an Insider campaign, in order to share and collect feedback and share money off vouchers with friends.

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  1. I agree with you - Purina are a super company and make some lovely products.


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