Wednesday 3 May 2017

Retro recipe : School dinner fudge tart

A couple of months ago, while looking for a way to use up a glut of cornflakes, I came across a retro-tastic circa 1970's school dinner recipe for Cornflake Tart over on the Littlestuff blog. The original recipe is here and if you want to see how my one came out, along with step-by-step photos, head over here. It's totally simple, uses nothing but kitchen cupboard staples and is delicious.

While I was over at Littlestuff, I spotted another school dinners recipes that I fancied trying - Fudge Tart. When I looked at how basic the ingredients are, I couldn't see this being nice, but I made it yesterday, the whole lot was gobbled up in one sitting and the kids have asked me to make it again !

If you're looking for a healthy recipe, move on - there's nothing to see ! But if you're after a nostalgic slice of comfort food, this is perfect. I don't remember having this (in this form at least) at school, but the filling is very similar to what they used to put in their custard slices.

I followed Littlestuff's recipe to the letter, so head over there for the ingredients list. Here's how I made it. (The classic topping is grated chocolate but I replaced that with chopped strawberries which were lovely too.)

School dinner fudge tart 

ingredients : see above

I used all margarine in the pastry instead of butter and lard so it came out a bit soft. It soon firmed up once it was cooked though. Bake blind for 15 minutes then leave to cool.

This does use a scary amount of butter (or margarine, as here) !

Melt the butter/margarine and half the milk together.

Mix the remaining milk and flour together.

Pour the flour mixture into the pan and stir your little cotton socks off to get rid of the lumps.

Add the sugar and vanilla essence - lots of vanilla essence or it's very bland.

A bit more elbow grease is required - keep stirring until it's nice and smooth and creamy. Use to fill the pie crust and leave to cool.

 Top with grated chocolate or sliced strawberries - or you could even use both together !

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