Monday 1 May 2017

#KitchenClearout April roundup and May linky

The great thing about all the unpredictable weather this month was that you could switch from winter warmers when it was freezing cold and hailing to summery salads when it was T-shirt weather, making it a lot easier to use up whatever was lurking in the fridge. As usual, we've all come up with a very eclectic mix of dishes and I've also noticed that I often seem to have the same leftovers as everyone else ! This week is a bumper roundup with fourteen recipes to help you turn your odds-and-ends into tummy-fill rather than land fill.

Sweet Potato, Pork & Chorizo One Pot Wonder was a surprisingly tasty way of using up all the odds and ends that were lurking in the fridge after my work trip to Norway.

Alison from Dragons and Fairy Dust made some lovely Simnel Muffins which were perfect for Easter and used up some royal icing.

Chicken Frito Pie was a #readcookeat recipe inspired by Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn that used up some American-style seasoning sachets. The kids loved the idea of having Doritos on their dinner too ! (I couldn't find Fritos.)

Cheesy Toast Topped Bolognese started out as a way of using up a pack of cheesy bread (like garlic bread) in the freezer and was as tasty as it was pretty.

A pack of dried porcini mushrooms was made into a Bacon & Porcini Mushroom Omelette.

Cranberry and Coconut Oat Biscuits were a twist on Anzac biscuits and used up some more of my stash of oats.

A kitchen disaster led to the ever resourceful Jane from Onions & Paper coming up with a double whammy of exotic cuisine that both look delicious : Fridge Raid Gado Gado

and Chicken Sort-Of Nasi Goreng.

A fridge raid was needed at The Madhouse too, to assemble a salad to go with the first barbecue of the year : Brie & Bean Salad was the colourful result.

Curd Cheese Cake with Buttercream was Galina from Chez Maximka's first creation for this month and hmmmm I could just bite into a slice of that right this minute !

Another throw-it-all-in-and-see-what-happens meal that went down very well was One Pot Sweet & Sticky Noodles - it used up various packets of instant noodles that I'd received in Degustaboxes, the leftover meat from the Sunday roast and whatever vegetables were looking forlorn in the bottom of the fridge. Add lashings of kecap manis, sweet and sticky soy sauce, and Bob's your uncle. (He really is actually - I do have an Uncle Bob, although technically he's my great-uncle !)

These squishy Peanut Butter Brownies used up the end of a tin (yes, a tin !) of peanut butter and were rather tasty.

Another dish that naturally evolved from clearing out the fridge was Smoked Sausage Couscous - not authentically North African but the plates were cleared nevertheless !

American comfort food with a twist : Pizza Style Meatloaf used up some seasoning sachets.

Galina finished off this month's collection with Spaghetti with Rocket Pesto, a beautiful vibrant green plateful.

Top marks for creativity this month, once again.

Fancy joining in? Have a rummage through your kitchen cupboards, spice rack, freezer or fridge and see if there's anything that needs using up then come and share your creations with us. Or if it's way past its sell-by date, throw it in the bin and come and tell us what you found ! It would be great if you could add my badge and a link to this post for anyone else who wants to get involved.


  1. As always, lots of creative ideas and innovative approaches to ends of packets and all those foodie bits and bobs that take space in the kitchen.

  2. What a brainwave, Cheryl, adding cookbooks to Kitchen Clearout would would be great. I was thinking about starting a linky myself, something like #cookingTheBooks but most of my followers are craft bloggers and probably wouldn't join in. Perhaps once I've been doing book posts for a few months it might be something to consider

    1. Both sound great to me - feel free to link up your cookbook clearout posts here and I'll definitely join in if you start your own linky too :)


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