Monday 1 May 2017

Schleich Eldrador Poacher review

Generations of children have been fascinated by the magic, mystery and power of dragons. I can remember in my own childhood, first creating imaginative stories of dragons and fairies with my friends at school playtimes, then becoming obsessed with the Choose Your Own Adventure Dungeons and Dragons books in my teens. Unicorns and mermaids seem to be the biggest on-trend mythical creatures lately, but I predict that dragons won't be far behind.

 Schleich have recently added some new dragon figurines to their Eldrador range, described as "the wonderful knight’s adventure in a world of fiery volcanoes, icebergs and huge castles". The new additions are Dragon Night Hunter, Dragon Ice Hunter and Dragon Poacher, which is the one that we received.

The wings have a ball and socket joint so they are completely moveable and your dragon can be positioned in lots of different poses.

Maybe he will swoop down to attack with his razor-sharp claws at the ready or perhaps he will join his wings above his head in a defensive pose. The options are limitless so they are perfect for imaginative make-believe play. No batteries required : just a child's boundless creativity.

As always, we were very impressed with the attention to detail, even on the underside, where the scaly belly and leathery claws are less likely to be seen. Pierre always loves pointing out the intricate hand-painted details - you may remember he was totally intrigued by the baby chimpanzee's rear end when we received a previous play set ! It's always a great way to learn about animals, because they are so realistically recreated, or in this case, inspire imaginative curiosity, maybe making up some more features that other dragons may have. The Schleich website gives you further creative inspiration : "Angry and extremely aggressive, the dragon poacher swoops down at every foe. It is incredibly strong, with razor-sharp teeth and claws and fearsome dragonfire. Fun fact : The dragon poacher only has one weak spot, which is hidden beneath its crest."

RRP : £14.99

for more information :

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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