Sunday 30 April 2017

New Year Resolutions Review week #17: Back to the grind

Back to work and I was exhausted this week, flaking out at 9.30pm two nights on the trot. I spent a few hours marking yesterday afternoon and, when the dog woke me up at 6.30am for a drink this morning (on a Sunday *groan*), I decided to stay up and crack on so that I could enjoy the rest of the bank holiday weekend.

1. Get Fit(bitting) !
I haven't even synchronised my fitbit this week, but I've been keeping track of my steps on the display. Oops, I've just gone to do it and discovered there was a Firmware update to install. Well, after synchronising my Fitbit, I've just earned the Serengeti badge - "You may not have seen wildebeasts, giraffes or zebras on this trek, but you have walked 804 kilometers — the same distance as the Serengeti, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World" ! I hit my 10k steps target on 3 days (11k on both) but got to 9k+ on three other days so it's not too shabby.

2. Get cooking bookmarked recipes ! 
As Sophie was poorly and not hungry, I spent most of the week cooking plain rice and pasta as it was all she could keep down. I did finally get round to blogging about bookmarked recipes that I tried in the holidays though : Sausages & Bacon with Apples, Pizza Style Meatloaf (one of the US comfort food recipes I'd bookmarked the week before) and Balmoral Chicken (chicken breast stuffed with haggis and wrapped in pancetta). I still have a few dishes that I've made but not had time to blog about yet too.

3. Get geocaching !
Two of my new caches went live but one was refused because it's too close to another one - it must only be a matter of a couple of metres because I checked on the map before hiding it. I didn't get out geocaching this week but I'm hoping to change that this afternoon ! One of my travelbugs has moved on to Lorraine, down by the German border. Will it make it into a new country ?

4. Get comping !
After winning two books last week, both from the Goodreads giveaways, I managed to rack up another win for April in the final days of the month : 6 month's supply of Hairburst vitamins, worth a whopping £119.99. My mum also kindly donated one of her prizes to me : 1kg of jelly beans - yum !

(January : 4 wins - £20 shopping voucher, Mr Lee's noodles, Ambrosia trifle glasses, set of 5 books; February : 1 win - tea & personalised mug (prize for Galina); March - 1 win - a Bear Grylls adventure book; April - 4 wins - a colouring bundle, And Then We Ran book, Aram book, 6 months supply of Hairburst vitamins)

5. Get reading !
 My review of Patricia Scanlan's Orange Blossom Days went live this week. I finished Paige Toon's The Last Piece of My Heart - the review is scheduled to go live this afternoon - and I'm now reading Little Gold by Allie Rogers, which is set in Brighton in the 1980's and reminds me of my childhood. I need to crack on and finish this one because I'm taking part in a blog tour on Friday and need to post my review !

6. Get FLYing !
Haven't had time to even look at the daily missions but I'm still basking in the glory of the major dejunk/tidy in the playroom.

 From this ...

To this. Aaaahhhhh !

8. Get bloggy housekeeping !

Blog stats are on an even keel, Klout doesn't like me any more and is descending to new depths and since saying I need to clear out my drafts folder, It's gone from 567 posts to 575 and now 581 - oops ! That should drop a bit once I've typed up my recipes and finished off the reviews that I've already uploaded photos for. I just need a few extra hours in the day - a bank holiday should help with that.

9. Get French !
Still no news. With next week's second and final round of elections, we're on tenterhooks to see if the National Front will be elected. My boss asked if I'd put in for French nationality to cover my back and was relieved when I said yes !

I like doing these round-ups because I thought I'd achieved nothing this week, apart from cracking on at work and running around collecting Sophie from the school nurse repeatedly, but I've actually done quite a lot !

What about you? Have you set yourself any targets, challenges or new year's resolutions this year?


  1. One kilo of jelly beans sounds splendid. :) Well done on keeping fitbitting. Hope your Get French goal is achieved very soon.


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