Tuesday 25 April 2017

Geocaching diaries : Hiding some urban caches in the town centre

As we'd had lots of adventures searching for geocaches during the Easter holidays, I decided that we'd finish off the week by hiding a few new ones. Lots of the caches in the town centre have been archived lately, so it's opened up some new places for us to hide replacements.

Walking along the footpath by the canal, we looked for a suitable hiding place and found the perfect tree. It's fairly secluded so I decided to try leaving a big cache here - we'll see if any Muggles (non geocachers) stumble across it by accident or if it survives.

Pierre excitedly climbed up the tree to put it in place. (He's only about a foot off the ground but he was very chuffed !)

Heading further into town, we popped into a little known garden next to the art museum.

This has been made into a commemorative garden with a few statues celebrating the release of Jewish prisoners and honouring the Résistance and those who were killed during WWII. We soon found a hidey hole in a nearby tree.

Our final hiding place was in another park - the sculpture garden next to the modern art museum.

It was hard to find a secluded hiding place so we hid a small cache - the capsule from a Kinder egg tucked in behind a pipe - then went exploring the rest of the statues.

We found a cute family of ducks too - these are our first ducklings of the year. We still haven't managed to find any frogspawn or tadpoles though !

 Our new geocaches still haven't been published yet but hopefully they'll inspire some other local geocachers to go out and hide some more for us to find !

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