Tuesday 18 April 2017

Madhouse diaries : Catching up with the animals at Ferme Vernaelde

As I mentioned yesterday, our walk to the park ended with a visit to the educational farm which is one of my favourite days out in our local area because it's totally free. You arrive via a big field full of donkeys.

They are all very friendly and came straight over to be stroked.

There was an equally friendly pony in with them this time.

Next we headed over to the goat and sheep pen and fed them some grass and dandelions.

The kids were made up with the black pig that came over to the fence and grunted at us, marvelling at his bristly back, his hairy snout and his little tusks.

After his back rub, he flaked out on the floor and started snoring !

The goats in the open enclosure came over to see if we had anything to eat. Pierre was most intrigued by their eyes and "earrings" !

All of the animals seem to genuinely love being stroked and come wandering over to be petted.

This one kept sticking its tongue out to eat dandelions, much to Juliette's amusement !

The geese lined up along the fence honking noisily.

While the chickens mostly ignored us.

I think this one thought that Pierre's finger was a wiggly worm and came to investigate !

There were a couple of guinea pigs scuttling around and squeaking in their pen.

Then we went to investigate the little Indian encampment, with a teepee and a totem pole.

Pierre asked for my camera from within the teepee and cracked me up with this selfie !

There was also a wooden aeroplane made out of a log with a propeller that you can push round.

And we finally found the maze - this is at least the tenth time we've been here and it's the first time we've seen it !

We headed into the stables to see the horses and ponies.

Pierre was delighted to spot Haribo and Mickey, the two ponies that he got to ride and groom when his class went for horse riding lessons last term.

It was time to head for home, but we had to go round again and say goodbye to all the animals !

Bye bye pony.

"Hey donkeys, come and say goodbye !"

The amazing thing was, they did !!

Bye bye, see you soon !

Country Kids


  1. It's great to meet so many friendly animals, I bet they loved all the cuddles and extra snacks. Pierre looks in his element giving all the animals a cuddle. I can see why you enjoyed finishing off you walk in the park with a stop here.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

    1. They are really friendly and do genuinely seem to like being stroked - and the goats are permanently hungry. Aren't they always ?!

  2. I am loving the donkeys! Can't believe it was free #countrykidsfun

    1. We are really lucky with all our free activities here :)

  3. It looks like a fantastic free day out, I love the look of the maze and the teepee area too!

  4. Love farm animals and a free day out is always welcome. #CountryKids


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