Friday 21 April 2017

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 21/4

As I write this menu plan, we're in the middle of the school holidays, but next week we'll be back to work and I'm sure I'll appreciate some simple stress-free meals that the whole family will enjoy. In an idle moment, I googled "American comfort food" (probably as a result of making Chicken Frito Pie last week !) and found loads of recipes that I want to try, so I've decided to put them all on next week's plan. I'm sure the kids will approve !


lunch - it's that time of week again ... McDonald's !

dinner - cheese & potato soup


lunch - roast dinner or BBQ depending on the weather

dinner - Kentucky Hot Browns - toast topped with turkey, bacon, tomatoes and Mornay sauce (a buttery sauce with parmesan)


dinner - meatloaf with mash & veg


dinner - deep pan pizza


lunch - Brown sugar marinated steak with rice or chips and peas

dinner - chicken & brisket Brunswick stew


dinner - King Ranch Chicken mac 'n' cheese


dinner - Pork chops with cabbage & apples

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  1. Ahh! I think I am going to have to Google American comfort food or borrow some of your ideas. hehehe! I have just had a look what Kentucky Hot Browns are and I am drooling!

    1. They all came from one website ! Needless to say, I signed up to their newsletter :)


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