Thursday 6 April 2017

Let there be light ! iSpot Blade LED Desk Lamp review

I still can't get my head around the fact that "my little girl" Sophie will be turning 16 this summer. A few weeks ago, she said that she was fed up with having pink walls and the ballerina wall sticker that has been in her room for years and she wanted a makeover. I couldn't help but snigger when I went into her room and spotted that she still had a Barbie lampshade on her table lamp. Yes, she was definitely due a makeover ! When I was offered the chance to review an LED desk lamp from Ormrod Electrical, I knew that she'd love it. Bye bye Barbie, it's been nice knowing you !

The lamp that we received - the 'iSpot Blade' 8 Watt LED Desk Lamp with the model number i7020 - has a sleek, modern design that has universal appeal. It would look just as good in a teen's bedroom as in an adult office environment and it would suit both sexes equally well. We chose black (i7020B) but it is also available in white (i7020W). 

When I was a teen, spending hours poring over books on my desk (internet and home computers hadn't really been invented yet !), I thought my angle-poise lamp was the bee's knees, but the iSpot Blade lamp allows you not only to angle the lamp head through 180° but also the lamp arm through 90°. If you're short on desk space, it's handy that you can fold it away simply. You can also adjust the brightness and colour of the light, from warm white (3000K) to daylight (6500K). This is great for avoiding eye strain when working and creating the perfect cosy atmosphere when you want to unwind after all your hard work. It remembers the last settings you used so you don't have to constantly adjust it, unless you want to. It works on 230V, uses 8W and  has a rated life of 30,000 hours (that's 1250 days or nearly three and a half years, if you prefer !).
A bonus feature that really appeals to Sophie (and all teens, I would imagine !) is the USB Charging Outlet, which is perfect for charging her phone or other devices on her desk. It has a retail price of £37.62 which is the perfect budget for a teen's or student's room.

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Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. I absolutely love the sleek & stylish look of this lamp! It would be perfect for my work desk as I could charge my phone and camera at the same time!

  2. The USB charging outlet is a great gadget as even when revising for exams the mobile phone is never far away! the adjustability is also great so that the light can be directed onto the books! I am very much in favour!

    1. I'd never considered having a desk lamp with an inbuilt charger but it's a great feature - really useful


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