Monday 4 September 2017

Back to school with Gel-a-Peel

The holidays have drawn to a close - boo hoo ! But that doesn't mean we can't stop having fun. In fact, one of my favourite parts of going back to school is choosing lots of new stationery to go back to school with. Whether it's browsing for funky gel pens (I don't just mark in red - too boring !), choosing brightly coloured folders or looking for stickers for the pupils' work, I'll happily spend ages browsing the shelves in WH Smiths and Juliette has apparently inherited my stationery fetish gene ! Gel-a-Peel sent through a fun project that was perfect for going back to school - personalising a notebook, that she will be able to use for jotting down homework, German vocab ... or perhaps for practising doodling her new signature when she married the class heart throb. (That's what we used to do anyway !)

We received a pack of funky glow in the dark Gel-a-Peel, which included a mould for creating raised embellishments in the form of letters and emojis. I laughed when I looked at this photo because it looks like we were spelling out Eejit, but no, it's for Juliette of course !

You can use Gel-a-Peel on all manner of materials, from canvas (perfect for personalising shoes and bags), glass, wood and plastic to metal and paper. The moulds are simple to use but the gel does take ages to set - even leaving it overnight, it wasn't quite ready when we got up next morning. They look great though so it's worth the wait.

So here's Juliette's finished notebook. She may not be looking forward to going to school for the lessons and homework, but she is looking forward to showing this off to her friends !

If you want some other ideas for things to make with Gel-a-Peel, you might like to have a look at some of our other projects - a funky unicorn jewellery box, sunglasses and wristbands, a mother's day card and a diary. There are even more ideas on the Gel-a-Peel website including emoji earrings, funky pencil toppers and phone cases.

Disclosure : We received the product and a notebook to personalise.

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