Tuesday 26 September 2017

Light Up Your World with Glimmies ! (review)

We've just been discovering the enchanting world of Glimmies, which are little star fairies sent by the moon to take care of the forest animals of Glimmieswood. They're happy to play during the day, but really come to life at night time, when you can make the most of their magical light up colour changes.

If you're worried about your little ones sneaking out of bed to play, don't stress - you can activate their light-up mode by putting them anywhere dark, such as in the wardrobe (peeking through a crack in the door), up your jumper (with your head stuffed down the neck hole) or, as here, inside a padded envelope. The Madhouse kids have been having great fun creating some dark spaces to play in, their favourite being a den made out of a quilt over two chairs - an oldie but a goodie ! You don't have to be so extreme though - simply cupping one in your hand will light it up too.

Place two Glimmie friends next to each other and their rainbow magic will make them change colour - cue squeals of delight ! There are lots of Glimmies to collect and they all have their own names and bios, something that will definitely appeal to fans of other collectibles such as Num Noms, LOL Surprise dolls or Shopkins, for example.

There are also some lovely playsets for your Glimmies to interact with. We received the Glimtree (RRP £34.99), which is a lovely place to display your Glimmies once you've finished playing with them. 

There are lots of little compartments and hidey holes that you can put your Glimmies in when they need a rest. The little houses can be clipped on or off the hooks on the tree trunk, giving you extra scope for imaginative play and creating a magical fairy village.

The central part of the tree allows the Glimmies lights to shine through, so placing one in the trunk and one in the treetop will light up the whole area.

 Placing two Glimmies in the treetop so that their colours interact also creates a spectacular rainbow effect. The Glimtree comes with a special exclusive Glimmie and Juliette was delighted to discover that it's a unicorn - she's obsessed, I tell you !

We also discovered the Glimwheel (RRP £24.99), which magically spins in the dark, although if you switch it to the day mode, it will spin in daylight too. 

Up to three Glimmies can sit on the Glimwheel at the same time, and the playset includes one exclusive Glimmie Rainbow.

There is also a Glimhouse (RRP £8.99), which magically glows when you place a Glimmie inside. The special Glimhouse activates the Glimmie’s light-up function and the pretty little star pin that sits on the roof lets you hang your Glimhouse anywhere.

There are 12 Glimmies to collect across the Single Blisters (RRP £4.99), all representing a forest animal with its own distinctive colour and facial expressions. I hope Father Christmas is taking notes because these are sure to delight any young child. As a parent, I'm also a fan, because of the interactive nature of the toys and the sheer playability, with bonus points for the background story which will help encourage lots of make believe play and making up stories.

for more information :  https://www.flairplc.co.uk

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.


  1. These look cute no doubt my daughter will be asking for one soon she wants everything this year

  2. Amazing my kids would love this

  3. Those little fairies are very cute, I imagine they'd be popular with lots of kids.


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