Wednesday 20 September 2017

Save on Nappy buys for Happy guys ! (Aldi Mamia nappies review)

Having a baby is a life-changing event, not just emotionally, but financially and socially too. With studies showing that babies can cost as much as £11,498 in the first year, it’s no surprise that mum and dad’s social life is often put on hold. New research from Aldi Mamia has found that 78% of first-time parents have had fewer or no date-nights since baby arrived, with nearly half (49%) citing less money than before as the main reason. 

I well remember those days, but for me, it was lack of sleep and the need to be on boob-duty that put a spanner in the works if we wanted a night out ! That said, I wouldn't have said no to some extra nights in on the sofa with a pizza or a Chinese takeaway, so a bit of extra cash is always welcome.

New parents could save over £400 a year by implementing simple switches such as using own-brand nappies compared to the market leader. With a newborn’s nappy needing to be changed up to 12 times a day, reviewing the nappies you are using is a simple way to start saving money. At 14p per nappy, parents using the nation’s leading nappy brand could spend as much as £613.20 on nappies in the first year alone (£1.68 per day and £11.76 per week). At less than 5p (4.6p) a nappy, Aldi Mamia parents are spending as little as 55p per day, £3.85 a week, £16.50 a month, and just £198 per year in comparison. A huge yearly saving of £415.20, or £34.60 a month – enough to make sure Mum and Dad can afford a babysitter for a well-deserved night off!

Aldi Mamia’s nappies don’t just come with a great price tag though, as they’ve scooped Gold for four consecutive years at the Mother & Baby Awards in the Best Disposable Nappy category and were awarded 10 accolades at the Prima Baby Awards 2016, with the Newborn and Ultra Dry Nappies taking Gold in the nappy categories. And if that wasn’t enough, the entire range of nappies has been endorsed by the Good Housekeeping Institute. 

I used to use them when the Madhouse kids were little and they were just as good as the much more expensive bigger brands that we tried, including Pampers and Huggies, so this is definitely a simple way of cutting your budget without compromising on quality. The wipes are great too - you might like to check out our review here.

Disclosure : Aldi sent me some vouchers as a thank you for sharing their findings. I won't be needing to stock up on nappies so, time for a mum-and-dad night in with a bottle of wine and some munchies maybe?!


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