Wednesday 27 September 2017

Back to School Essentials from Superdrug (review)

The kids have only been back at school for a few weeks and Pierre has already come home with a bump on his head (from bouncing off someone's elbow during a volleyball game !), a runny nose and - aaggghhh ! - an itchy head. Luckily, I was prepared for all eventualities because Superdrug had sent me through a pack of goodies to prepare for the autumn term - they must be psychic !

A nit comb is an absolute essential if you have school-age kids, whether or not they have an itchy head ! When Pierre said his head was itchy at the start of the week, we had a go through with the comb and I found literally one headlouse (is that a word? it looks weird !), but it was enormous so I'm presuming it was just a visitor. If I hadn't used the comb, I'm sure he'd have had a head full of them in a few week's time, so prevention is definitely better than cure. Certainly worth the £1.99 price tag on the Superdrug Detection Head Lice Comb.

Another essential is a pack of plasters - with three kids in the house, I can never quite believe how many plasters we get through ! The Superdrug Fix'Em plasters (£2.99 for 24) are water resistant, breathable and non-wound sticking, as well as strongly adhesive and guaranteed to stay in place. Their wow-factor comes from the fact that are embellished with emojis that the kids will love, whatever their age. I love the little tin that they come in too - perfect as a mini first aid kit with a pair of tweezers and a couple of antiseptic wipes thrown in for good measure. The Superdrug Antiseptic Wipes (£1.39 for 10) are great for keeping in my bag in case the kids want an ice cream or snack while we're out geocaching. A tube of Savlon (£1.99 for 30g) is something else that I always have in my first aid kit, probably because I remember it from my own childhood scrapes and grazes ! I always rub a bit on insect bites, scratches and blisters, to help prevent infection.

Haliborange is another brand that I remember from my own childhood and the Madhouse kids are just as enthusiastic as I was about taking my daily vitamins because they taste just like sweets ! The Omega3 & Multivitamins Softies (£5.99 for 30) have cute Mr Men & Little Miss branding for extra coolness, a pleasant orange flavour and a texture just like chewy jelly sweets. What's not to like ?! I was dubious about them having a fishy background taste due to the Omega-3 but they haven't at all, and just in case your kids are extra fussy, they have a "taste guarantee or your money back" promise too.

Well, I think my "back to school health niggles" bingo card is already complete, especially as the Madhouse kids have already had chickenpox so we should escape that one. It would be nice to think we'll get through the rest of the year without any more issues, but let's be honest, it's unlikely ! Luckily, my first aid cupboard is now very well stocked to see us through most emergencies and stave off the back-to-school bugs.

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.


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