Friday, 1 September 2017

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 1/9

Boohoo - as you read this post, I'm sitting in meetings all day at school and welcoming my new teacher colleagues. One is a trainee and one is a replacement teacher this year in my subject - eek ! On Monday, it's the kids' turn to go back to school. This normally means that I go back to just planning evening meals, but this year, I've decided (at least for a while) to take in packed lunches rather than go to the canteen. Our old headmaster said we weren't allowed to eat anywhere but the canteen for health and safety reasons, but slowly but surely, everyone's started eating in the staffroom or their classrooms again now that he's gone so I'm jumping on the bandwagon. It will save money and let's face it, we all remember what school dinner were (are) like ! I know I'll get bored if I take in a sandwich every day though, so I'm going to be thinking up packed lunch options for inspiration. I've no doubt I'll end up with sandwiches when I can't be bothered to make something more complicated though !


lunch - it's been a while since we went to a junk fast food outlet so I imagine the kids will want to go to KFC/Burger King/McDonald's this week - at least they can let off steam in the soft play (and I get a morning off cooking !)

dinner - I have some soup in the freezer - spicy chicken maybe?


lunch - either BBQ or roast dinner, depending on the weather

dinner - leftovers from lunch or fridge grazing - or possibly chicken & veg soup if we had a roast


packed lunch - chicken salad (with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, sweetcorn, olives)

dinner - halloumi drizzled with pomegranate molasses, with roasted peppers and cherry tomatoes and bulghur wheat


packed lunch - bulghur wheat & tuna salad

dinner - spaghetti bolognese or tuna pasta bake


lunch - my day off probably, so mini tacos, with minced beef, tomato salsa, guacamole, etc

dinner - fish pie - either a regular one or I have an Indian fish pie with coriander bookmarked - with root veg mash


packed  lunch - ham & coleslaw sandwich

dinner - chicken curry with rice


packed lunch - I usually end up meeting up with Madhouse Daddy and some friends for lunch on Fridays, but it depends on this year's timetable

dinner - homemade soup - I'm thinkking split pea and bacon, but I'll see what takes my fancy

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  1. Good luck with the packed lunches. I hope you don't get in trouble off the headteacher. hehehe
    Ahh! I haven't had homemade split pea and bacon soup for years. I'm drooling thinking about it. Great meal plan x

    1. Didn't get in trouble today - I think I'm safe !! With the way the weather has gone all autumnal, I can see lots more homemade soup on the cards over the coming weeks :)

  2. Hope you had a good week back. Everything sounds lovely, in fact you have reminded me I have so much soup in the freezer, I need to start getting it out! Thank you for joining in with #MealPlanningMonday the blog hop is back in the morning and I hope to see you there x


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