Thursday 14 September 2017

Book review : Chasing The Sun - Katy Collins

Once jilted, twice shy, Georgia Green has a few reservations about jumping on a long-haul flight to Oz, where she's helping out her Australian friend Shelley with some last-minute wedding preparations as her bridesmaid. The hen night slash road trip from hell, a rogue wedding planner and the fact that normally laid-back Shelley has gone all bridezilla all put a few spanners in the works, but it all comes good in the end, with everyone finding their happy ending.

It's a heart-warming, feelgood read, made even more so when you learn that the author, Katy Collins, also known as travel blogger @notwedordead, is almost a carbon copy of her once-jilted heroine.

This is the first Katy Collins novel that I've read, but Georgia Green and her boyfriend Ben run the Lonely Hearts Travel Company, which features in a series of three books, based in Thailand, India and Chile.

It was perfect as a summertime poolside read but would also be ideal when you want something to dip into to escape the grey drizzle of autumn and winter.

star rating : 4/5

Disclosure : I received a review copy of the book.


  1. def sounds like a good beach/pool side book

  2. Sounds like fun - not available yet in my library... will keep a lookout.

  3. This sounds like a great read, definitely my kind of book. Thanks for the review

  4. Sounds like a great book,love to read x


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