Thursday, 21 September 2017

Back to school help from Vosene (review)

As a teacher as well as a mum, going back to school after the long summer holiday is always a bit of a nightmare, trying to get everyone (including myself) back into routine at the same time. Setting the alarm and getting up earlier is never a problem, but with three kids in three different schools, keeping track of who needs PE kit, swimming stuff, packed lunches or after school clubs on which days takes a while to get under control ! 

Vosene helped ease us into back-to-school mode with a fabulous package of goodies that have all been really useful. There was a big wall planner poster which is brilliant - I always use a calendar but seeing the whole school year at a glance without flicking through the pages is even easier, so I'll definitely be adopting this idea. The doodle pencil case is great too - you can colour it, customise it or use it to write notes about important things that you mustn't forget, then wash it and start all over again with a clean canvas. A funny Hurrah For Gin book and a cool "Raising Tiny Humans is Wonderful" coffee mug provide the necessary parent-fuel for both ends of the day ! And the different coloured A4 zip-up pockets have been a godsend - I wasn't sure what to do with them at first but they're great for keeping all the start-of-term paperwork for each child (and myself) separate - again, another idea that I'll be adopting for each new school year.

The ultimate hero products in the box, however, were these bottles of Vosene Kids' nit-repellent hair care products - both the 3-in-1 shampoo and the leave-in Conditioning Defence Spray, which we use on a regular basis when the kids are at school. We've been fairly lucky - in over a decade of schooling, the Madhouse kids have only brought nits home a few times, but it's never fun, so anything that can help prevent getting them in the first place is definitely a good idea in my book !

You might like to read our review of the Vosene Kids headlice defence range here, which includes some fascinating (and decidedly itch-provoking) facts that you may or may not like to know !

Disclosure : We received a back-to-school package from Vosene.


  1. Vosene is a well established and trustworthy brand. I particularly like their 3 in 1 shampoo for the children.

  2. Vosense is a great brand for kids

  3. Great brand. Love that book


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