Friday 15 September 2017

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 15/9

We're all back into routine and cruising along now, so I'm adding in a few bookmarked recipes for good measure !


lunch - Time for the traditional KFC/Burger King/McDonald's option

dinner - tomato soup with cheese on toast


lunch - roast dinner, probably chicken

dinner - leftovers from lunch or fridge grazing - or possibly chicken & veg soup if we had a roast chicken


 lunch - pasta with leftovers or spaghetti carbonara

dinner - some sort of Moroccan tagine - lots of veggies (turnips, courgettes, carrots, onions, peppers) and either some chicken or pork - maybe some prunes or dried apricots too, depending on what's in the cupboard


packed lunch - tuna salad

dinner Galinhada, which is Brazilian chicken & rice


lunch - beefburgers with ratatouille & pasta

dinner - Guvec - a Turkish beef & veg stew


packed  lunch - ham & coleslaw sandwich

dinner -  split pea & bacon soup (note to self : remember to soak the peas overnight !)


packed lunch - New York spiedies (basically just a marinated chicken wrap)

dinner - leftovers night to clear out the fridge

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  1. Sounds lovely. I've never tried tomato soup with cheese and toast before!

  2. Ahh! We love tomato soup with cheese on toast. It's such a perfect meal for this time of year. x

  3. Oooh the galinhada sounds lovely, I am going to research this one! Hope you had a good week and thank you for sharing with #MealPlanningMonday x


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