Wednesday 15 March 2017

Mother's Day Crafts With Gel-a-Peel (review)

After inviting us to join in with their Chistmas crafting and New Year diary challenges, Gel-a-Peel had another fun project up their sleeves for us - making a totally unique Mother's Day card. Juliette was delighted to receive a box of pearly pastel Gel-a-Peel pens for this task, after discovering the neon and sparkly ones in the previous sets.

Gel-a-Peel looks like thick glitter glue and you can squeeze it onto basically whatever you want - paper, wood, fabric, plastic, glass, ...

This kit included a plastic tray with little moulds including flowers, butterflies and hearts, so that you can make 3D embellishments for jewellery, accessories or, in this case, a funky Mother's Day card.

It's simply a case of squeezing gel into the mould then waiting for it to set.

The bigger the shape, the longer you will have to wait for it to go hard so allow plenty of time - we gave it a couple of hours. The shapes press out easily and neatly.

You can use a little blob of the gel as glue to stick the embellishments on to the card.

These would also be great as little charms for your very own Gel-a-Peel Pandora bracelet. This does take a long time to set - overnight is best - and it may well break when peeling it off the plastic sheet or putting it on, but the great thing is, you just add an extra blob of gel and wait for it to set again !

 Juliette was very proud of her finished masterpiece and we both loved the 3D effect and the pretty pastel colours.

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. This looks fun, my oldest loves creative stuff

  2. My God daughter would love this x

  3. What a fun project for a young crafter. Lovely Mother's day card.

  4. I have sent gel peel over to my niece in South Africa, but love the idea of her decorating a little keepsake box. I never realised that it would actually stick on for good, as I thought it would just peel off. Her granny has kept it aside as I have just got the pearly set too for her; so will send her a box or two (she could make Christmas gifts too) for her to do this craft.

    1. You can peel it off the plastic sheets to make beads, etc or leave it stuck on to fabric, wood, paper, etc - the choice is yours :) I have a few other Gel-a-Peel projects that I've taken part in if you search on the right :)


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