Sunday 12 March 2017

New Year Resolutions Review week #10 : Staggering through the week !

Back to the grindstone after the holidays and what a week ! Both of my half-days off went poof and disappeared in a cloud of smoke (otherwise known as helping out at the post-secondary education forum and a compulsory training session on IT) and I've been trying to fit a few extra hours into each day to clear all my end-of-term marking and school reports before heading off to Norway next week. I feel like I've been chasing my tail all week and not getting much done so this will probably be a pretty short round-up !

1. Get Fit(bitting) !
I hit my 10k step target on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then started filling in my reports and didn't move off my chair for hours on end so I only hit about 6-7k steps per day for the rest of the week.

2. Get cooking bookmarked recipes ! 
Not much time for cooking complicated meals this week. I did make the Chicken Biryani from my Indian-themed Kitchen Trotter box and took part in a couple of blogger challenges, making Cheesecake-Style Mango Tart and Healthy Fudgey Brownies with Manuka Honey. The only long-term bookmarked recipe that I cleared was Coconut Cream Cheesecake, which was very tasty.

3. Get geocaching !
Three of my thirteen caches have already been trashed so the only geocaching I did this week was maintenance, replacing them and hiding them a bit better. It's crazy when people do this - for two of them, the empty pots were on the floor near the cache with some of the toys scattered on the ground. What is the point?

4. Get comping !
Still no wins - I need to get a win for March !
(January : 4 wins - £20 shopping voucher, Mr Lee's noodles, Ambrosia trifle glasses, set of 5 books; February : 1 win - prize for Galina )

5. Get reading !
  I'm still reading Dangerous To Know by Anne Buist, which is the sequel to Medea's Curse which I reviewed last year. (Click through for that review.)

6. Get FLYing !
Ummm. Nope. I just deleted the daily mission emails when they landed in my inbox because I was already struggling to keep on top of my work emails !

8. Get bloggy housekeeping !
My unique visitors has stayed around the 900-1000 per day range, which is almost back to what it was before the google penalty. Klout has levelled off in the 54's which is lower than it was but not as bad as a couple of weeks ago. No time to do anything at the moment anyway !

9. Get French !
Quick catch up - my dossier was sent back with a request for a whole new load of documents that weren't on the original list. Well, I now have all the documents ready to photocopy and my parents' birth certificates are ready to be sent off for translation. Hopefully it will be back in the post by the end of the week.

What about you? Have you set yourself any targets, challenges or new year's resolutions this year?

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