Friday 31 March 2017

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 31/3

Last week before the holidays - it's been absolutely non-stop recently, especially with non-stop meetings and training sessions at work, so I'm looking forward to the break.


lunch - it's that time of week again ... McDonald's !

dinner - Brie tartlets with honey onion relish and salad or rice


lunch - roast dinner

dinner - homemade soup - possibly rasam, an Indian soup with tamarind - or cheese on toast if it's been one of those days !


dinner - a Cameroonian dish, mafé, which involves chicken and peanut butter, with rice


dinner - bacalao, a cod stew with tomatoes, potatoes and olives (that I rediscovered in Norway, believe it or not !)


lunch - potato gratin with beefburgers or sausages

dinner - homemade deep pan pizza (because it didn't get made last week) with salad


dinner - chicken frito pie, a #readcookeat recipe from Gone Girl


dinner - joker ! - pretty sure I'll have a fridge full of leftovers to use up, but if not, a quick and simple pasta dish

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