Monday 13 March 2017

Doritos Heat Burst ... if you think you're hard enough ! (review)

We all love Doritos here at The Madhouse - the wheaty taste, the crunchy texture and the intense flavour all get a unanimous vote of approval, especially if we've bought our favourite Tangy Cheese flavour. We were therefore keen to see what we'd think of the latest Doritos products to join the range - Heat Burst, a new two-in-one flavour sensation, starting with mild flavour then slowly cranking up the heat until your tongue is on fire !

As soon as I poured some into the bowl, the kids started hovering nearby and their little fingers started darting towards the bowl. I warned them that these ones would probably be really spicy so they took a tentative nibble, declared them delicious, shoved several in their mouths then squealed when steam started coming out of their ears and they all ran for a drink ! OK, I'm exaggerating slightly but it was funny to watch because they replied "No, Mum, they're not spicy at all", then had to admit that I was right after they'd eaten a few and the heat started coming through.

If you like spicy snacks, you'll love them though. The Chipotle Cream and BBQ flavours are lovely - deep and robust, so they are not overpowered when the chilli heat starts coming through. I was intrigued by the delayed effect of the heat so I went to investigate - they have mini chilli capsules mixed into the tortilla that are released as you crunch, bringing in that second wave of spicy flavour.

If you’re bold enough to try them, Doritos Heatburst are available in BBQ and Chilli in 80g and 162g, and Chipotle Cream and Chilli in 162g for £1.99 RRP from all major retailers.

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.


  1. My son will love them. I am not so keen on strong flavours.

  2. Will defo try them. Might be a bit hot for me but my OH can handle it lol

  3. Picked up the bbq ones today.
    I love hot and spicy foods and sauces and i'll admit to being dubious of any claims of these being hot or spicy.
    The flavour is really nice and the heat creeps up gently but for my tastes...not hot enough. warned...when you take a trip to the toilet, any heat you missed in your mouth will definitely be felt at the other end.

    I give em 9/10 for flavour
    6.5/10 for heat in the mouth
    9/10 for heat on the exit.

    Will buy again.

    1. LOL This made me laugh ! I must have chewed them more than you because I didn't have any heat on exit !!! :-)

    2. Haha...note to self...chew more thoroughly to avoid painful


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