Sunday 12 March 2017

#MySundayphoto #SundaySnap 12/3/17

This year's carnival season is almost over, so I'm sharing a few photos of the riot of colour that is Dunkirk Carnival.

Traditional accoutrements include very long umbrellas ...

... or equally long feather dusters, often with soft toys hanging from them.

There are absolutely no rules when it comes to costumes but the most popular choice is men dressing up as (very ugly) women. Hats with extremely long feathers are also traditional.

If you don't like crowds, you're better off behind the security barriers !

This goes on every weekend for the first few months of the year (dates change depending on when Easter falls).

They start young in Dunkirk !

If you want to find out more, you can check out my posts about 2016 carnival, carnival mayhem at the beach, a kid's eye view of carnival and the very rude carnival cakes that go on sale every year !

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  1. That looks amazing, so much colour!

  2. Never heard of this type of Carniva especially in winter.

  3. The feather dusters are such a random item to include in a carnival! They certainly fit in with the colour theme.


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