Thursday 30 March 2017

University Games 5 Second Rule Jr review

Easter half term is just around the corner and if you're hoping to get in some quality family time and keep the kids away from their screens at least some of the time, a new board game could be just what you need. University Games sent us through a copy of 5 Second Rule Jr, which is equally fast paced and competitive as the original version but simplified so that the younger members of the family (from about age 6+) can join in too.

It's a very simple game to set up and explain. You have 5 seconds to name the first three words that come to mind after reading the card, which might ask for ice cream flavours, Super Heroes, things to dip in ketchup, or all manner of other things. It sounds simple but when the pressure is on, your mind often goes blank and you end up squealing or blurting out something silly, much to every one else's delight ! The manic twisty timer adds to the stress, so it's a great game for helping young players to learn to think on their feet and make snap decisions. There are 200 cards covering 400 questions in total, but you could also have fun adding your own for extra laughs (for example, three things that mum can never manage to cook, three rubbish presents you've had from your gran or three epic fails by dad !)

The teens of the family were also very impressed by the fact that this game features on the Ellen Degeneres show with all sorts of celebs in the hot seat. Here's a quick taster.

Ages 5+. RRP £19.99 available from Argos, Amazon and Toys R Us

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. I've just bought this for my friends little one. Looks brilliant


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