Friday 3 March 2017

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 3/3

After a week of revisiting family faves that I can cook without recipes last week, I want something more challenging this week, so it's back to my bookmarked recipes !


lunch - time for our traditional Saturday morning trip to McDonald's to ease into the weekend

dinner - I have a bag of broad beans in the freezer - so I'll be making some kind of soup with them - with bacon probably? Or mint? Google will tell me !


lunch - roast dinner

dinner - leftover soup or smorging with whatever's in the fridge


dinner - homemade deep pan pizza ... sounds simple enough but time will tell !


dinner -  chicken biryani


lunch - beefburgers with potato gratin

dinner - veggie pakoras with rice and raita


dinner - I still have a pack of duck breasts in the freezer - after going for Asian flavours last time, this time I want to try duck à l'orange - with mashed potato or is that not posh enough to go with it ?! And a veggie dish or salad


dinner - Nepalese potato salad (aaloo ko achar) with salmon

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  1. Wow sounds amazing the pakoras sound lovely #mealplanninonday

  2. Oooh I love veggie pakoras! Sounds like a great week of meals. Thank you for joining in with #mealplanningmonday x


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