Thursday 26 July 2018

Beating the heat with Bunch o Balloons (review)

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This summer, we'll be flying off to Bulgaria for a fortnight by the pool. I had a giggle yesterday when I checked the weather and discovered that it will quite probably be ten degrees cooler than it is at home - and the funniest part is, that sounds like bliss ! It's been seriously hot so the kids were very excited to try out Zuru Bunch o Balloons, an ingenious device that takes all the hard work out of a water bomb fight.

Inside the box, you get two slingers, two bags (for carrying the filled water bombs) and four bunches of balloons.

This is the ingenious part - just use the attachment (or one of the extra adaptors) to screw the bunch of balloons on to a tap or hosepipe. We have a mixer tap in the kitchen sink which isn't compatible but it works perfectly on our outdoor tap. Turn on the tap, the balloons will fill up and magically drop off and self-seal when they're reached the optimum size.

You can fill 100 water bombs in 60 seconds, which is great news for parents, who invariably end up having to fill and tie regular water bombs.

Just one thing to be aware of - we had a couple of Bunch a Balloons left over from last summer that we had put aside in the garage so we decided to bring them out as extra ammo. Unfortunately they had completely corroded and gone brittle and, as I turned the water on, they sprung a million leaks, so they went straight in the bin. The moral of the story is, use them up this summer and get new ones for next year !

Whether using the slingers or just their hands, the kids had great fun throwing the water bombs at each other. They're actually quite resistant and would often bounce off bodies, so the best way of splashing your opponent is by aiming at the floor or a wall and targetting them with the splash rather than a direct hit.

Within minutes, there were squeals of delight and giggles from those taking part or just watching from the sidelines !

They ended up getting totally soaked which, of course, was the whole point and it was a great way of cooling down.

Water balloon fights are guaranteed to get kids of all ages (and even big kids !) away from their screens and outside in the fresh air. If this is your idea of fun, don't miss my next post where you can win a fabulous Bunch o Balloons bundle to help get the holidays off to a great start and unleash summer !

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Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. What a fun game! It would be great for this hot weather. I bet Eddie will love it, he loves playing with water pistols in the garden.

    1. You can't beat a water fight in this heat - I think I'm melting !

  2. This looks awesome! Will have to get it for the kids and our summer bbq!

  3. We got these and they are fab

  4. My kids love a water fight and soaking me!

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