Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Globecooking recipe : Metka & potatoes (Poland)

A few years ago, I went to Gdynia in Poland a couple of times on work trips and loved discovering the traditional Polish recipes and foods, including smalec, which is basically a cross between lard and pâté, zurek, a sour rye soup, and the iconic pierogis

I bought back some thin kabanoski sausages and also a big kielbasa and created a Polish-inspired Kielbasa, Potato & Spinach Stir-Fry. When doing the weekly shop at Lidl last week, I spotted some Polish Metka sausages and was intrigued enough to pop them in my shopping basket to see what they'd taste like. 

I had a quick google and almost put myself off, because there were several mentions of raw, fermented, smoked metka that is spread on bread like butter. I checked the label and mine were cooking metka (phew !) so I asked my Polish friends what would be a typical Polish dish using metka. They said boil them with potatoes, so that's what I did, putting them all in the same saucepan. The whole house smelt like a German delicatessen within minutes ! Cabbage is another Polish staple, and I decided the kids would be more inclined to eat it raw in coleslaw than cooked, so that was my accompaniment. And that was it !Juicy smoked sausage, crunchy coleslaw and boiled potatoes dotted with melting salted butter - cheap and cheerful comfort food that is surely the Polish equivalent of bangers and mash !

Fancy trying some more Polish cusine? How about these :


  1. I'm sure our local Polish deli would have Metka sausage, but I haven't bought or tried it yet. It might work well with the fried potatoes too. I bet my younger son would smother it with ketchup, he adds ketchup to everything. :)

  2. How interesting! This is a new one to me, too.

  3. I love Polish food. We have Metka sausage sometimes too and it's really tasty!


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