Thursday, 19 July 2018

Release the beast with Screechers Wild ! (review)

Screechers Wild! is a fun range of toy cars that remind me of a cross between Scalextric and Transformers. The collection includes a variety of vehicles, such as street cars, rescue trucks and military vehicles, which all morph into predators, insects, beasts and birds of prey when they come into contact with flying discs.

Have a quick look at the trailer to get a better idea of the concept.

We received a Screecher Speed Launcher (RRP £15), which comes with an exclusive car and a launcher that allows you to zoom it into battle at the push of a button.

We also got a Rapid Fire Disc Blaster (RRP £15), which is a great way of shooting the discs out for the Screechers vehicles to capture so that they can flip and morph.

Finally, we received V-Bone (RRP £11), which comes with three exclusive discs in the pack and is one of the level two vehicles. There are three different levels of vehicles to collect - the simplest are level one which cost £7.99, slightly more complex are level two with an RRP of £11 and the ultimate morphing machines are level three, that cost £15.

Here's the V-Bone in car form when it comes out of the pack.

And here it is when it's flipped and morphed into ... well, I thought it looked like a dinosaur, maybe a stegosaurus, but apparently it's a raging longhorn bull. Whatever it is, it's an impressive transformation and I wouldn't want to mess with him !

Catching the discs when they shoot out of the launcher takes a little bit of practice (you can see how hard he's concentrating in the picture !) but Pierre was delighted with the whole selection and we were very impressed at how simple it is to "release the beast" and transform them, even with your hands, unlike some of the other similar ranges. 

The fact-action gameplay can be enjoyed alone or with several children together, one launching the discs and the others trying to catch them.

We'd never heard of Screechers Wild! before we received the toys, but it's also a cartoon, which you can watch on the Screechers Wild! youtube channel. There are loads of episodes, which give greater insight into the different characters and the world of Screechers Wild! : "SCREECHERS WILD is a world where walking, talking beasts get behind the wheel of Screechers – a race car/machine hybrid that harnesses the mysterious molecular energy Animatter and transforms their sleek rides into awesome beast-powered juggernauts! A Screecher is the alchemic melding between driver and machine into one massive mecha-kick-butt-creature! Taking driving to the next evolutionary level, Screechers are— true to their namesake— part hot rods, part animal spirit avatars. Imbued with both advanced racing mechanisms and state-of-the-art beast weaponry, a Screecher is a vehicle with a hidden second self. Set in a genre-mashing world of talking humanoid animals and near-future sci-fi, SCREECHERS WILD follows the story of The Savage Mutts, a crew of animals who love one thing - cars! Whether racing the mean Streets of Pen City or battling a rival Screecher crew deep in the jungles of Boscage Cungle there is always adventure around every corner." It definitely sounds like something Pierre would like to watch, and then he could recreate the stories with the Screechers Wild! toys.

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. My nephew Jamie would love these. He's into anything car based (and dinosaurs)!

  2. Sounds something my son would like!


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