Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Num Noms Series 5 review

Calling all Num Noms fan - get your pocket money at the ready because Num Noms Series 5 are here ! This won-dough-ful addition to the range features all sorts of baked treats, including Croissants, Bread Rolls, Marshmallow Squares, Jelly Rolls, Crepes and Marble Ice Cream.

Juliette was delighted to discover the cute new characters, as well as their delicious scents, and couldn't wait to find out who was hiding in the mystery pot.

Each Mystery Pot (RRP £6.99) contains a scented Num character and an inner Nom of scented nail polish or flavoured glitter lip gloss. If you're lucky, you might find a special edition character and a glitter or shimmer nail polish Nom.

We got Crunchy Coco from the Marshmallow Squares, along with a Peach Polish-It Shimmer Polish to slot inside. Very cute !

Next, we moved on to the Delicious Desserts Cupcake Tray (RRP £16.99), which contains 10 scented Nums and two flavoured glitter lip gloss Noms, as well as packaging which can be used as a cupcake storage case.

Let's have a closer look at the newest cuties in the gang. Nilla Dough (Bread Roll), Berry Cake Roll (Jelly Roll), Orangie Jelly Roll, Princess CC Jelly Roll, CC Marble (Marble Ice Cream), Tropical Sweetie (Bread Roll), Krispy Kaitlyn (Marshmallow Square) ...

... Minty Marble (Marble Ice Cream), Bubble Crunch (Marshmallow Square), Sweet Peach Gloss-Up and Toasty Mallow Gloss-Up.

Juliette was eager to discover the identity of the mystery Num which was ...Le'Monade Jelly Roll, who smells gorgeously summery.

Finally we opened up the Series 5 Ice Cream Starter Pack (RRP £12.99), which contains three Nums, a Nom and a sundae glass and spoon. We got Wild Berry Swirl, Mango Marble and Strawberry Sundae, along with a Pineapple Gloss-Up Nom.

As usual, we love the cheeky personalities of the characters, along with the gorgeous (and calorie-free !) scents.

for more information :  https://numnoms.mgae.com

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.


  1. My kids love these, they love most little collectables

  2. These always sound delicious lol


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