Monday, 9 July 2018

Globecooking recipe : Cherry Clafoutis (France)

Summer's here and the time is right for ... no, not dancing in the street, but eating cherries ! As I mentioned last week, I brought home a load of cherries from school and, after using them to top a cheesecake and making some scrummy choc-cherry muffins, I used up the rest in a Cherry Clafoutis. This is a French classic than can be used with various soft summer fruits and, although I've often seen clafoutis in France, I'd never made one myself before now. 

Cherry Clafoutis

ingredients :

butter for greasing
75g flour
75g sugar
300ml milk (full-fat is best)
2 eggs
about 400g cherries, stones removed


Preheat oven to 190°. Generously grease a 25cm round or square baking dish and put in the oven to warm up while it preheats. Separate the eggs.

In a large bowl, mix together the flour and sugar. In a second bowl, combine the milk and egg yolks. Gradually whisk the milk/egg mixture into the flour to make a batter.

In another bowl (I reused the milk/egg yolk bowl after a quick wash and wipe), whisk the egg whites until they go stiff. Lightly fold them into the batter.

Pour a little of the batter into the warm dish then arrange the cherries in the dish.

Pour over the rest of the batter and put in the oven for 25-30 minutes until puffed up and set.

Leave to cool and serve warm or cold. You could sprinkle over some icing sugar just before serving if you fancy.

Well, I'll be honest ... I was underwhelmed. It reminded me of a cherry omelette ! Sophie loved it though and said that it was just like the clafoutis that they used to have at the school canteen.

Adding to this month's #KitchenClearout linky as it used up a glut of cherries.


  1. I tried to make a clafoutis many years ago, and also thought it was like a sweet omelette. I love cherries, my favourite summer fruit.

  2. I have been wondering about trying one of these with my raspberry mountain, not sure quite how a sweet omlette would work though

    1. Ooh I love the sound of a raspberry mountain, I'm jealous !! ;-)

  3. I've never tried clafoutis, and the idea of it being like a sweet omelette has only got me more intrigued! Thanks for the recipe.

  4. I've never tried this, but the omelettey-ness has sort of put me off. It would be nicer maybe with just a sponge!


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