Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Book review : Bold Lies - Rachel Lynch

Bold Lies was, once again, a book that I plucked from the 3-for-£5 shelf at The Works and, to be honest, the price tag covered up the "book five" part at the top, otherwise I think I would have hesitated to buy it. I enjoyed it, but I did get the feeling that I'd missed out on some important goings-on that would have helped intensify feelings and general understanding of what was occurring.

The book is set in the idyllic, if somewhat tourist-infested, Lake District. The first chapter sees a middle-aged man, George, enjoying his fishing trip. In the next chapter, a naked body is found rotting in a boat shed. This time, putting two and two together does indeed come up with four - it's George. But why has he been found murdered ? Is there something going on in his secret life?

Meanwhile, back in London, two scientists are murdered in a secret lab. When it is discovered that they tie in with George, DI Kelly Porter has to leave her beloved Lake District behind to head back to London and follow through on the investigation. This is made extra complicated by the fact that her ex-boyfriend, DCI Matt Carter, is not only on the case but also directly working with her. He is obviously interested in getting back with her, but she has a new man in her life - an outdoorsy guy who fits right in with her new home - so she has to tell him where to go. This is the part that I felt I was largely missing out on, as there is obviously a lot of past history between the two.

It turns out that the case leads back to the very top, with big businesses and even government agencies very interested in what the lab was working on. The group were getting very close to some important new breakthroughs, which would be great for consumers but bad for the big guys' finances. But how far could the powers of the bad guys stretch ? This is what the police have to figure out.

It's an interesting book, which largely follows the police investigation. There's lots of running around interviewing people and chasing up clues, so it all seems a lot more believable, albeit less exciting, than the high-speed car chases and innumerable gun fights that frequently pop up in most American-style equivalents. DI Kelly Porter is a strong character with a core of vulnerability, which makes her intriguing - I'd be interested in reading the previous novels to see how she grew into the woman that she has become.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £8.99

  • Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Canelo (10 Oct. 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1788635523
  • ISBN-13: 978-1788635523


  1. This is another series I'm not aware of. Sounds good, but as you say, it would make more sense to start with earlier books. I've been trying to avoid the temptations of The Works, as I can always find something new and exciting there, but the stash at home makes me feel guilty.

    1. I'm the same ! I always say to myself nooo, I can't buy any more ... oh go on then, just three ! lol

  2. I'd be a bit peeved to find that the "Book 5" label had been covered by a sticker.


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