Monday, 13 January 2020

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 2020 week #2

Where is the time going? OK, I know I spent most of last year saying that, but seriously ?! It seems like only a day or two ago that I was writing last week's menu plan and it's already time for a new one ! Last week's plan featured lots of spice mixes that needed reviewing and made me bring out some old family-friendly recipes that I haven't made for ages because the kids didn't like them last time I offered them. Well, surprisingly, Pierre has been raving about chilli con carne ever since, saying that it's the best meal he's ever eaten, despite me adding onions, carrots and red peppers, so I definitely need to diversify and retry old recipes that weren't a hit many years ago !


lunch - chicken stir fry with noodles and loads of veggies

dinner - leftovers, cheese on toast or "bits and crisps" (nibbles from whatever's in the fridge)


dinner - chicken fajitas (the one meal from last week's plan that didn't get made, as we had too many leftovers)


dinner - veal meatballs with couscous & ratatouille


lunch - fish fingers, rice & veggies

dinner - spaghetti carbonara


dinner - baked potatoes with cheese, beans and, for those who want them, veggie sausages


dinner - quite probably, the fridge will be full of leftovers - if not, spaghetti bolognese or pasta bake


lunch - our regular Saturday lunchtime fast food trip. Probably McDonalds as usual.

dinner - sandwiches or cheese on toast

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  1. That's great that the kids are willing to try things that they previously weren't too keen on.
    This week you meal plan sounds great.

    1. Yes, great news - wish I'd thought of retrying things before ! lol

  2. Oh, I wonder if Eddie might like chilli con carne? I don't cook meat often now since my DH turned vegetarian. I could cook one big pot, then divide and do one with meat and one meat-free.

    1. Definitely worth a try - then the leftovers can be made into spaghetti sauce, taco filling or cottage pie ! :)

  3. I've been re-trying some new recipes recently too! It's well worth doing as their tastes (and ours!) change xx Have a great weekend and thanks for linking up!


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