Monday, 6 January 2020

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 2020 week #1

I'm back ! We took a lovely break at my parents' house for Christmas and New Year, so I haven't been cooking for a couple of weeks. I now have lots of things that need reviewing, including some spice mixes from Seasoned Pioneers and some veggie sausages from Heck, so I'll be working through those in the next couple of weeks. I've also decided to get back into proper cooking, rather than just serving up kid-friendly meals, as I appear to have got into a rut of doing since Madhouse Daddy died almost two years ago. I have loads of spices and exotic ingredients just begging to be used up, so the kids can try my weird and wonderful dishes, but I'll offer them a blander option too ! My menu planning day may be switching about too, as I'm taking on a few new weekly blogging ideas, but it will be here somewhere every week ! OK, here's what we're planning on eating this week.


lunch - just got back home and needed something quick, before my dad and Sophie headed back home, while having empty cupboards - a quick dash to Lidl for sandwiches and grapes covered the bases !

dinner - sweet & sour chicken stir fry with masses of veggies and rice noodles


lunch - our regular Saturday lunchtime fast food trip, probably to McDonald's, and quite probably followed by a wander around the shops in town

dinner - for me, chicken soup (I grabbed some half price New Covent Garden Soup in Tesco's - yum !) - the kids can have sandwiches or "bits and crisps" as they used to say - a plateful of nibbles including carrot sticks, cucumber, nuts, fruit, cherry tomatoes, maybe quiche or a sandwich, crackers,  crab sticks, salami, depending on what's in the fridge (I used to do this all the time when they were small - definitely something I'm sure they'd love me to start again !)


lunch - roast gammon, roast potatoes (or maybe mash) and veggies (baby carrots, tenderstem broccoli & green beans - I had a chat with the kids about which veggies they liked/wanted to try so this is part of an ongoing scheme !)

dinner - sandwiches or toast for the kids, while I have a carton of Lentil & Bacon soup to use up


dinner - Peri Peri Chicken with couscous and veggies (green beans & sweetcorn probably) - the kids can use up the gammon if it's too spicy for them


dinner - Cheesy baked potatoes with veggie sausages for those who want them, or normal sausages, and beans


lunch - Fajitas (with red pepper & onions, sweetcorn and homemade guacamole)

dinner - Katsu curry with rice


dinner - Chicken lollipops with pasta & veggies


dinner - Chilli Con Carne with rice


lunch - our regular Saturday lunchtime fast food trip. Probably McDonalds as usual.

dinner - sandwiches or cheese on toast

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  1. How lovely to have a break from cooking for a couple of weeks. Good luck with the proper cooking. It sounds like you have lots of tasty recipes in mind.
    Ahh! My girls love a nibbly, picky tea. They would eat them every day given the chance. lol
    Great meal plan!
    Happy new year x

    1. Thank you, happy new year to you too ! I had computer issues when we got back home so it's been tough catching back up. The nibbly tea went down very well - a great way of clearing out the fridge/cupboards of all the leftover odds and ends too so it's win-win ! xx

  2. It's lovely to hear that you're getting back to your old self. I can't imagine how hard it was for you when Madhouse Daddy died, and I think it is wonderful that you're starting to return to things that you did before, well done xxxx

    Happy New Year, thanks for linking up and I hope you and your family are well!

    1. Thanks Katy, I just kept things going on an even keel for the kids, but that means that nothing got dealt with - that's going to change, I have big clearout plans in the house, starting with the food cupboards ! Happy new year to you and your family too xx


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