Thursday 23 January 2020

Brilliant Bangers from The Sausage Man ! (review)

A couple of months ago, an email landed in my inbox, telling me all about The Sausage Man and a new line of delicious hot dogs, especially targeted to kids and parties. I went to investigate and discovered that The Sausage Man is a leading UK based wholesaler of German sausages and hot dogs. Based in Dartford, they sell over 7 million sausages per year and the German Embassy in London is a regular customer. Well, that says it all !

I dropped them a line and set up a review, after drooling over the delicious-looking photos on their website. Who knew you could do so many things with a sausage ?! As well as hot dogs (beef, turkey, pork, vegan), there are bratwurst (footlong, giant wheel, XXL) and frankfurters (cheese, chilli beef, bacon, pork, Vienna beef, Vienna pork). They are even currently selling VW Volkswagen Currywurst, as presented by Richard Hammond on Discovery-UK last night !

The postie soon delivered a fabulous selection of sausages for us to try - we got Beef Hot Dogs, Pork Hot Dogs, Chipolata Vienna Pork Sausages, Chipolata Vienna Beef Hot Dogs, Nuernberger Bratwurst and Vienna Pork Frankfurters. Wow, where to start ? Well, to begin with, they all went in the freezer !

We started off sampling the Beef Hot Dogs. If you're used to eating the kind of ready-to-eat hot dogs that can be bought in packets, tins or jars from the local supermarket, these ones are completely different - they have a firmer texture and a much better flavour. In short, these are the real thing !

I wasn't sure how to cook them - should they be boiled in water or fried ? - so we ended up heating them up in a frying pan along with some eggs. We served them with some Ebly and, for those who wanted them, beans. (Sorry for the less than gourmet presentation - this was kid food, made by the kids, and they were very proud !) The hot dogs tasted great and were a unanimous hit, in terms of taste and texture. Perfect !

They were such a hit with the kids that they broke open another pack and cooked themselves some lunch. They at least took some photos that I could use in a review ! These are, I believe, the Pork Hot Dogs, but I could be wrong.

These were polished off over a few days with whatever leftovers were lurking in the fridge - they were paired with fried eggs and baked potatoes.

They were also served with boiled potatoes topped with butter. When they ran out of leftovers, they just stuck some in a slice of bread and drizzled them with ketchup. Whatever they made with them, the kids gobbled up every last bite !

After frequently asking what I should add to the next week's menu plan and being met with cries of "sausages", I grabbed the pack of Vienna Pork Chipolatas and threw them in a pan.


These were served with couscous and chickpeas in tomato sauce and the kids WOLFED them down ! This was Pierre's plate and he ate FOUR of them ! I also added some to a vegetable stew and served them with mash. That was devoured hungrily too. As I was working late for a couple of nights at parent-teacher evenings, I bought some hot dog buns and the kids loved eating even more of them, with ketchup, mustard, gherkins and onions. They even sent me a text message to tell me they were happily stuffing their faces while I was at work - that's just mean !

There are so many other recipes that you can try though, many of which are available on The Sausage Man website. How about trying a New Year's Pound Cake, Bratwurst Mini Calzone, Bacon Frankfurter Shawarma, Beans and Paprika Sausage Stew or the Party Antipasto Platter in the picture ? If you don't fancy those, go and see what other gems are hiding out on the blog. You're sure to find something to take your fancy.

If you're planning on catering for a party or special event, definitely go and check them out. 

for more information :

Disclosure : I received the products in order to provide an honest review.


  1. Oh wow! These sausages sound amazing and look it too, even with the kids photos. hehehe It sounds like they were a real hit x

    1. I couldn't really complain - they were really proud of not only cooking lunch but also managing to take some pics for me to use *sigh* lol

  2. Nice haul! I haven't heard of this brand, but looks like it was a big hit with your guys. I remember trying proper German sausages, when we had a German market in town a while ago.

    1. They're surprisingly versatile - I never knew there were so many different ways to eat them, even when the kids are cooking ! lol


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