Thursday 21 July 2011

Boots Soltan Once Invisible Dry-Touch Transparent Suncare Spray review

We've already reviewed some of the Boots Soltan Suncare range (here) but we discovered some different products in our Boots Holiday Hotlist suitcase (which I told you about here). The most intriguing one was the Boots Soltan Once Invisible Dry-Touch Transparent Suncare Spray.

The bottle is slightly transparent so you can see the totally liquid contents sloshing about inside. I wasn't sure what to expect so I sprayed some on my arm. The pump action nozzle takes a good few pushes until any product comes out, then a very fine spray of light oil appears on your skin. The initial smell is of alcohol (a quick look at the ingredients list reveals that alcohol denat. is indeed the first item on the list) but this eye-watering, slightly unpleasant smell disappears after a few seconds and, as you rub it into your skin, a very subtle perfume comes through. I think I can detect a vague smell of roses but it is such a delicate, light fragrance that it's still a unisex product.

The name promises that the product is both invisible and dry-touch and I was surprised to discover that both are true. It leaves a slight sheen to your skin (which is handy, so that you can see where you've applied it and which bits you've missed) but doesn't leave any of the white residue, stickiness or greasiness that sun creams often do. It feels oily on application but within seconds, is absorbed by the skin and leaves just a very, very slight greasiness to the skin, as you'd feel after moisturising. I could wipe my fingers on a tissue and get straight back to reading on my sunlounger without feeling the need to rush off and wash my hands.

I always thought sun oils were designed for darker-skinned people who need little protection or those who pay little heed to the warnings and are willing to put their skin at risk, oiling it up to “fry” more quickly in the sun in their quest for the deepest tan possible. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it offers factor 25 (medium) SPF UVB protection, 5 star (ultra) UVA protection (the highest UVA rating), it's waterproof and offers 8-hour sun protection (or 40 minutes water exposure). (A quick check on the boots website shows that this is available in a whole range of SPFs, even up to SPF50.)

The instructions say that you should use a generous amount (2-3 tbsp) per application so a bottle will contain enough for 6 applications for the normal body size. It should be reapplied after towelling dry, abrasive contact (for example, if your clothes rub against it), showering, bathing or 40 minutes in the water so if this is your main suncare product, you would need to pack a lot of it for a two-week break ! This will be great for when we go to Turkey, for the second week when our skin is already a bit tanned, for the early morning or late afternoon sun (when I will be prepared to go below our normal factor 50 !) and we're going out and about and don't want an unsightly white residue on our skin from sun cream.

Star rating : 4/5

RRP : £17.49 for 200ml

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  1. sounds good - especially if it goes up to factor 50!

  2. I've used this in the past and have been very impressed with it, is especially great for the kids.

  3. It's fab and as it lasts for 8 hours, I put it on just before I send the kids to school and know that I don't have to worry about them burning at play time.


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