Sunday, 6 November 2011

Slimpod review : The Third Week of my Thinking Slimmer adventure

Well, this weekend I hit the magic 21 day mark in my Slimpod journey. That doesn't mean it's finished - far from it, this is a long term, permanent weight loss solution and certainly not a quick fix - but the 21 day point is an important one because it is the time that your brain needs to hear the messages dripping into your subconscious from the Slimpod. (Have you noticed that I've stopped using words like "supposedly", "apparently" and "so they say" ? I guess that means I've stopped being a sceptic then !)

Well, today was the 21st day that marked the end of the first stage of the Thinking Slimmer journey and I totally forgot to weigh myself, which I think actually speaks volumes in itself ! Despite feeling a bit bloated at the start of the week (due to the time of month), I still managed to fit comfortably into a pair of jeans that I could barely do up three weeks ago. (Well, I could do them up but I could barely breathe and I was worried the button would ping off if I sat down or moved !)

My "target jeans" which I couldn't even do up at the start can now be comfortably done up and I can even sit down in them (which I couldn't do before !). However, I'm still not ready to wear them out in public because they do create a big tummy bulge above the waistband - that's the next target then !

So, this week's positives :

1) If I wear a Tshirt and leggings, I can definitely notice less of a belly in the mirror !

2) At the school canteen, I no longer look for the biggest piece of cake on the shelf, I automatically pick the smallest.

3) I frequently stop before finishing my plate, which I never used to do. This isn't a conscious decision on my part, it just happens.

4) I've stopped worrying about what I eat. Nothing is "naughty" or "not allowed" or "bad for me". If I want a sweet or a biscuit, I'll eat one. If I fancy a glass of Diet Coke or Sodastream, I'll have one. I don't feel guilty or think about whether or not I should be doing it. It's as if I've started trusting my subconscious to make the right decisions and guide me in the right direction so I don't have to worry about it any more. If I do fancy something sweet, I'll have one then stop and not want any more. One sweet or square of chocolate is enough to quench any sweet tooth cravings. But often I'll reach for a few grapes or a satsuma instead. Not because it's a healthy choice or lower in calories but because it's what I fancy.

5) At the start of the week, I'd actually put on a couple of hundred grams compared to last week but, even so, I can now zip up a hoodie that was too tight for me to do up a few weeks ago. This was one of my old fave tops so I'm well happy about this !

6) Whereas I was coming to this with a totally cynical "it won't work, although I'd love to be proved wrong" attitude, now I'm thinking "I can't wait to see what other changes I'll notice next week" now !

Call in next week for another new update !

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  1. I'm so pleased I read this. I'm using a slim pod and have been eating biscuits etc. I was thinking it wasn't working, but now you mention it, it's been less than usual and not the whole packet!

  2. Keep it up girl, good positive thinking. Well done you for taking such a positive step. There's nothing worse than drooling over what you can't eat and feeling hard done by, this mind frame is obviously working.

  3. The one thing I've learned so far is that you have to just stop thinking and go with the flow, it all seems to happen naturally. Good luck ! :)

  4. yes I have been using it and find the same as Cheryl, subconsciously eating less, eating what I fancy and leaving food on my plate....brilliant system and boy does it work. Like you a weight gain this week, but an inch loss at end of my first month, but not the least bothered as I know I am consuming hundreds less calories in a day without feeling deprived or hungry. Looking forward to next summer and the new slimmer/lighter me. Seriously for anybody sceptical it is the cheapest diet you will ever try, and believe me the last diet you will ever need!!

  5. I was totally sceptical, as you'll know if you read my first post. I still am if I sit down and actually think about how it works, but I've decided to stop trying to be logical and just enjoy the benefits !!

  6. i had a slipmod for a 2 weeks now and didnt notice any weight loss at all so for me it DOESNT WORK and ITS JUST ANOTHER WASTE OF MONEY!!!

  7. It's a shame you've left your comment as anonymous as I would have loved to have been able to reply to you properly. It's totally normal not to lose any weight straight away. I did, but that was not particularly the norm. If you read my later updates, there were weeks when I didn't lose any weight either. But it works its magic slowly and over time. They even say on the website and on the slimpod itself that you need to listen to it for 21 days for it to work properly and that even then, it may take time. Weight is only one factor to look at. Have your measurements changed ? Have you felt any different ? Have your eating habits changed ? And it's still "not working" as you say, get in touch with them and Sandra or one of the team will go out of her way to personally contact you and try to help you make it work. I hope you stick with it because, even as a cynic, I've been really surprised and amazed to see it working.

  8. I don't think your anonymous complainer has given her Slimpod a proper chance yet. It's a minimum 42-day programme (the first 21 days are to let the changes in your relationship to food take effect) and she appears to be giving up after just 14. Everyone is different and people notice changes in their eating habits at different rates. If she'd like to contact us we'll be happy to her free advice and support and try to help her achieve her weight loss goals.
    Chris Roycroft-Davis, Customer Services Director,

  9. i have just prchased a slimpod just waiting on it arriving in the post but im so excited to start it i read my whole hand book and others feedback and i cant wait to get it and start noticing the difference :-)

  10. I'm happy for you,. Slimpod worked well for me I lost over 50lbs then it just stopped working and I gained it all back :(

  11. What happens after the 10 day trial for £1.00 is the £39.99 taken from your account prior to the end of the 10 day trial

    1. Sorry, I don't know - email them and ask, they're very friendly :)

  12. Is anyone still using slimpods as I'm thinking about trying it as an off and on dieter for over 20 years I would love to know if this is something you have to continue using forever or is it a certain amount of time. Thankyou

  13. Is anyone still using this method and is it still working? I would love to know thankyou. My name is Tracy and have spent 20 odd years dieting on and off and ended up bigger every time.


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