Thursday 10 April 2014

Flora Buttery Funspiration Activity Guide review

Flora have launched a fabulous free guide full of fun activities for kids and Mumsnet asked us to check it out and have a go at some of the activities. As soon as I saw Tanith Carey's name on the foreword, I knew it would be good - I loved her book How To Be An 'Amazing Mum' When You Just Don't Have The Time which is packed with simple but really effective time-saving (and sanity-saving) ideas that I'd never thought of before, even as a third-time mum.

Sure enough, the introduction really appealed to me. "We all know family life doesn’t always go smoothly. The sun doesn’t always shine, the shopping doesn’t always turn up on time and sometimes, truth be told, we frazzled mums would rather stay at home than venture out on another exhausting, not to mention expensive, outing with the kids. That’s where the Flora Buttery Activity Guide comes in. It’s designed for those days when you need a little bit of inspiration to stop restless kids from climbing the walls. After all, when children are bored and restless, every second counts. That’s why the ideas in this guide are quick and easy to set up and won’t require loads of tidying up afterwards. Each of our 15 activities needs no more than five things you will have at home, and no more than 15 minutes to prepare."

It's a true-to-life "things you will have at home" list too, unlike some similar well-meaning guides or blogposts that expect you to have an extremely well-stocked crafts cupboard or numerous random and unlikely objects lying around in drawers !

I must admit, we got a bit sidetracked by the baking ideas. You may have seen our take on the Easy Peasy Cupcakes and the ultra-delicious Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes but I've also bookmarked a few of the other recipes to come back to. It's not all kitchen fun though. There are also crafting activities and ideas for simple games such as hide and seek or making a den. The ideas are so simple that they should inspire your kids to make their own fun in the future, without any input from you at all.

You can download the guide on the Mumsnet Flora hub (click on the Fun Activities for Kids block)

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  1. Pierre is such a charmer! Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay, eat your hearts out, here's a new generation of chefs coming!

    1. I must admit, after two daughters, I wasn't sure if Pierre would be interested in cooking as much, but he definitely is ! He's also definitely a poser for the photos !!


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