Friday 18 April 2014

Everything's Rosie has her own YouTube channel

A quick heads up if you need to keep the kids entertained over the long weekend - 'Everything's Rosie' has a new dedicated channel on YouTube, offering parents a guaranteed safe haven for their children to catch up with one of the nation's favourite series. 

 Rosie has been airing on Cbeebies since 2010 and has barely been off air since launch. As it stands, Rosie is currently generating 2 million hits a month on YouTube worldwide, and her total hits are over 54 million. All of this from a home grown series produced in Buckinghamshire !

The series itself was created with a strong educational backbone and offers children an escape into the vibrant and engaging world of Rosie and her friends. As a girl-led series, interestingly the demographic split of Rosie is 55% girls and 45% boys.

The pressures of trusting what you are sitting your child in front of, be it the TV or computer, are huge and whether at home or on the run, the 'Everything's Rosie' Youtube channel is a hub for strong, safe and enchanting viewing for all our children to enjoy!

You can find it here : There are new uploads every Friday.

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