Tuesday 15 April 2014

Springtime looks at Shopcade Store

We've already had two Sunday lunchtime barbecues this month, which is about the sum total we had for the whole of last summer because the weather was so rubbish. I've packed away the scarves and gloves and I'm even thinking of putting away the winter coats and getting out the lighter springtime jackets. As I look out of the window to a clear blue sky, I think I can (hopefully) safely say that spring has sprung and the warmer weather and sunshine are here to stay.

When I was asked to have a look at Shopcade store, I decided to have a look for some nice bright springtime items to help chase away the winter blues. If you don't know Shopcade, it's a one-stop shopping app for all things stylish that enables you to discover new trends, channel your favourite celeb looks and see what's making the daily hot list. Even better, when products you want have an offer available, they'll let you know, which is very handy. Shopcade Store is where they feature up-and-coming new brands and products that are original and unique, focusing on new independent brands.

I instantly fell in love with this brightly-coloured Loved Up T-shirt by LOTA which is perfect for fun in the sun. I can almost smell the sun cream already ! I'd definitely wear more than a pair of black lacy pants with it though ! It has a bargaintastic £14.99 price tag which is very reasonable, especially with the 10% discount.

I'd never heard of LOTA so I went to have a closer look. It stands for Lillies of the Alley and they focus on  original, funny and cute illustrated logo T-Shirts, producing unique designs that stand apart from the current mass-produced options.

As well as the Loved Up smiley design that caught my eye, there are two other LOTA shirts featured in the Shopcade Store.

This quirky Tattoed Unicorn design (£20) offers just the right balance of cute and edgy. 

And this cheeky Nipple Tassel Tee looks very smart, almost like officewear, until your eyes are drawn to the tongue-in-cheek killer detail !

If you fancy checking out LOTA or any of the other brands on offer in the Shopcade Store, don't forget to use the WHYNOT10 code to get 10% off.

Disclosure : I'll be receiving a gift card in return for sharing my top picks with you.

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