Monday 14 April 2014

#stayinhappybunnies Making our own Easter eggs

Stay In Devon asked us to make some #stayinhappybunnies Easter memories and sent a fabulous Make Your Own Easter Eggs kit to The Madhouse.

Inside we discovered some egg moulds, chocolate buttons and a little bag of sweets, as well as some step-by-step instructions and a master chocolatier hat.

Juliette prepared the moulds, polishing them then wiping them with oil.

I fought off lots of sneaky little fingers pinching buttons out of the bowl and melted them in the microwave !

Time to start filling the moulds with melted chocolate. You can see how fascinated Pierre was !

Tilting the moulds to get each little bit covered in chocolate was great fun, with a delicious sense of imminent danger when the chocolate got close to the edges !

Pierre was still fascintaed, watching them as they set. I don't think he'd ever thought about how chocolate got made into egg shapes before !

We went for three layers of chocolate to make it nice and thick.

We were all very impressed at how well they came out. Placing the flat edges on a greaseproof paper-covered hot baking sheet makes them melt just enough to stick them together - very clever !

The sweets were designed for creating funny faces.

Here are our finished eggheads. Sadly they didn't hang about for long though - the kids couldn't wait to taste the results of their hard work. The verdict? Absolutely delicious ! We've kept the moulds and they've already asked if we can make some more !

Thanks Stay In Devon for helping us to create some #stayinhappybunnies special memories !

for more information :

Disclosure : We received an Easter egg kit from Stay In Devon.

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  1. Those look great fun to make, my kids would love them - and show as much restraint eating them as yours did. #letkidsbekids

  2. I remember making chocolate eggs when I was a child, with a very similar kit!

  3. That looks awesome. I am planning on melting some chocolates today too! This is a nice idea! #letkidsbekids

  4. Looks like so much fun, and the finished results are brilliant!

  5. They look amazing. I will sooo have to get me a kit! Although I don't think we'd make it to the mould stage! #letkidsbekids

  6. They look fab! We've never made our own eggs before, but I know my kids would love to have fun with these.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  7. These look brilliant, we've never done this, it looks like fun :) #LetKidsBeKids

  8. Looks great I should try to do this one time :) looked like fun #letkidsbekids


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