Monday 7 April 2014

Tesco Finest Pasta review : Conchiglioni Rigati

The Orchard recently  invited me to join a campaign to try out the Tesco Finest range of pasta. After a quick trip to the supermarket clutching my vouchers, I came back with a packet of Conchiglioni Rigati.

The first part of the name (conch) gives away the shape - these are giant pasta shells. The Madhouse Mini-testers got very excited when they saw them !

The packaging highlights the tradition, authenticity and heritage of the pasta. It is made using 100% Italian Durum Wheat and the black and white photo on the back of the pack accompanies a text, explaining that the Di Martino family have been making pasta this way for over a hundred years, using bronze dies for a rougher texture and letting it dry for up to 30 hours, ten times more than many other producers, to allow a deeper flavour to develop.

The conchiglioni can be boiled or parboiled then baked - either way, it is the perfect shape for catching hold of any lovely butter, cream or sauce that you pour over the top. (If you're wondering what the sauce here is, check out my review of the Schwartz Italian Creamy Herb Tagliatelle Flavour Shots.)

The pasta was lovely - it stayed firm, didn't go soggy and had a lovely wheaty flavour. The kids are totally in love with the shell shape too !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £2.40 for 500g

Disclosure : As a member of The Orchard, I received vouchers to try the product for free and share my honest opinions.

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  1. the giant pasta shells are amazing, they make a simple meal much more interesting and they're delicious too.

  2. I chose gigli, Eddie liked the shape of the flowers. We also tried linguine, which were not as al dente as my hubby likes (I cooked them for the time suggested on the packet). Gigli were better. A bit overpriced. I tend to buy Waitrose spaghetti for 99p per pack, cheap and good quality. And my guys are happy to eat spaghetti any time. I think I will try conchiglioni as I like the giant shapes.

    1. The kids loved the shape and they're great for holding sauce


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