Friday 25 April 2014

What's cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 25/4

Time to attack the kitchen cupboards and see what I can use up ! Some of the things on this week's menu ended up getting made last week so I'll be switching between the two weeks' menus, as I planned them both at the same time.


lunch - Either a trip to McDonald's or some Birds Eye Inspirations chicken bakes that we were sent to review, along with rice and veg

dinner - baked potatoes with cheese and beans


lunch -  we have friends over for dinner - not sure what's on the menu yet !

dinner -  nobody will be hungry as this will end up being an all-dayer !


lunch - a bacon-wrapped chicken Kiev type offering, using some flavoured butters that we have for review, with potato and carrot mash

dinner - salmon with mango vinegar marinade of some description, veggies and rice


lunch - pasta with bolognese sauce

dinner - chicken tikka masala


lunch - sweet & sour chicken with egg noodles or special fried rice

dinner -lasagne


lunch -traffic light quiche (with red, yellow & green peppers plus whatever else I fancy !) with salad

dinner - homemade flatbread pizzas


lunch - pan-baked chicken (using So Juicy cooking sheets) with dauphinois potatoes and ratatouille

dinner - homemade veggie soup

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