Monday, 21 May 2018

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 2018 week #21

The end of the school year is whipping round, which means I'll soon be run off my feet with after-school meetings and day trips to London, Canterbury and Dover. This week is a relatively calm one so I'll try to get through a few bookmarked recipes, before living off pasta and frozen pizzas !


lunch - flamiche aux poireaux, a leek quiche/pie which I will probably add some bacon to, to stop the kids moaning - served with salad and baby potatoes

dinner - Avgolemono, Greek chicken, lemon and egg soup which comes from a #readcookeat recipe and sounds like an interesting way of using up the leftovers from the Sunday roast


lunch - school canteen

dinner - spaghetti carbonara


lunch - Kung Pao Chicken with rice

dinner - nachos with chilli and various other toppings


lunch - school canteen

dinner - tacos salad with Catalina dressing (to use up yesterday's leftovers)


lunch - school canteen

 dinner - pork, veg & noodles


lunch - fast food - I've given up trying to keep track of whose week it is to chose because I always seem to get it wrong and the kids remember anyway !

dinner - tartiflette - baked potatoes topped with reblochon cheese, onions and bacon


lunch - Sunday roast - probably chicken again

dinner - toasties or fridge grazing

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  1. I am so craving nachos now. This is the 2nd meal plan I've seen today with them on.


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